Zero COVID -related deaths in New York City last Sunday; 1st time since outbreak

Zero COVID -related death in New York City on Sunday; 1st time since outbreak - We The World Magazine

The New York City did not report a single case of coronavirus-related death on Sunday, for the first time since the pandemic broke out.

This announcement comes at a time when fresh cases are spiking heavily in America’s Gulf Coast and other areas. According to multiple media reports, no one died of the virus on Saturday, June 11, preliminary data from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene showed.

The report also reflects, for the first time since the pandemic broke out on March 11, no one died in the great American city from the virus, on contrary, there was no single day without a death recorded before this milestone. However, according to NBC News, authorities did predict two probable death.

New York City was once the epicenter of the novel coronavirus in the US, but the state has made incredible progress since then. Different parts of the state are in different stages of reopening.

There are a total of 406,403 cases in New York, with 32,029 deaths according to New York Times tally. While in New York City, there have been 215,924 cases and 18,670 confirmed deaths, as per the city data on Sunday afternoon.