You’ve been officially storing Cadbury chocolates incorrectly, it turns out

You've been storing Cadbury chocolates officially incorrectly, it turns out - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of @DairyMilkIn via Twitter

How do you like your bar chocolate? Soft, oozy, melty, or sturdy with a snap? Well, however you may like it, a recent declaration made by one of the world’s favorite chocolatiers will give you the correct way.

Cadbury is a household name in many parts of the world on account of its iconic chocolate bars. Dairymilk, Bournville are some of the sweet treats that would satiate even your deepest chocolate cravings.

In a recent tweet from their official account, Cadbury has claimed that what made many confess that they have been storing their bars wrongly.

“Chocolate should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as cupboard or pantry at temperatures less than 21°C to ensure the quality isn’t compromised.”

Cadbury writes on Twitter –

This declaration has clearly pointed out the fact that chocolate will taste best when stored in a cool dry place and not in cold and chilled space like a refrigerator.

In this context, I am then guilty of freezing the bars in the chiller as I am fond of extra chilled bites. But nonetheless, I’ll certainly try this officially correct way to store.

When it comes to enjoying the authentic taste of Cadbury, we have to then obey the instructions given by the company to taste the marvel.

But as a resident of a tropical country, we have to really wait for the winters in order for the temperature to reach 21 degrees. Our closet temperature soars high enough to melt the rich sweet treats in the summer.

However, all said and done, it is never too late to start anew. Speaking about the iconic UK-based chocolate brand, Cadbury is changing its logo in some key markets.

According to a Daily Mail report, Cadbury will be changing its iconic logo and it will be rolled out in Australia this year, but not in the UK until 2021.

The new logo is a negligible alteration from the old version that essentially features the same font in a thick and angled format (Image courtesy of Daily Mail) You’ve been officially storing Cadbury chocolates incorrectly, it turns out

As per the same report, the logo that features the stylized original signature of director William Cadbury since 1921.

The new logo will be a slight adjustment from the current logo that features the Cadbury signature in a slightly angles way, which the new logo will straighten and the font will also shed some thickness.

And to achieve so, the Birmingham-based company will reportedly shed hundreds of thousands of pound to edit the logo.

‘The Cadbury logo redesign is part of a much wider brand refresh which began over a year ago and touches all Cadbury visual assets,’ a Cadbury spokesperson told.

This will be the first time Cadbury is giving its brand aesthetic an overhaul in 50-years, albeit subtle.