India’s No.1 smartphone brand Xiaomi now under nation’s aggressive Chinese app-ban spree

India's No.1 smartphone brand Xiaomi now under nation's aggressive Chinese app-ban spree -We The World Magazine

The recent target of India’s aggressive and gradually widening Chinese app ban is the nation’s no. 1 smartphone brand Xiaomi’s Mi Browser, the company’ proprietary browser that comes reloaded in all its phone except Android One versions.

The move comes after the maiden decision taken by the government of India where 59 smartphone apps from Chinese makers were banned, including the massively popular TikTok.

The move to ban came when the aftermath of the bloody India-China face-off in Galwan valley was still fresh. India cited “sovereignty and integrity of India defence of India security of the state and public order,” as the reason for the sweeping move.

However, unlike the June announcement, the government did not make the recent app ban public, which includes Xiaomi’s Mi Browser Pro and Baidu’s Search app, sources told news agency Reuters.

Xiaomi is India’s largest smartphone vendor shipping over 10 million handsets in the quarter ending June this year, Tech Crunch reports.

The Chinese smartphone maker is known for offering quality yet affordable Android smartphones, which is in huge demand in India’s 45-0 million mobile user base. It commands a market share of 28.3 per cent in India, according to IDC.

Majority of Xiaomi’s phones come with a set of pre-loaded apps, including the Mi Browser Pro. The ban means the company will have to take steps to follow the mandate.

Earlier media reports confirmed hundreds of apps made by Chinese firms are under India’s radar for a possible ban, including the massively popular game Pubg which is backed by Chinese internet giant Tencent. Xiaomi apps were also stated in the list.

India’s latest app ban joins a series of other moves to counter the strong presence of China in the Indian economy. From Railways to ditching Chinese contract worth millions to kicking out the Chinese language in the nation’s education system, the Sino-Indian war is on.