World coronavirus cases surpass the 40 million mark

World coronavirus cases surpass the 40 million mark - We The World
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The world novel coronavirus caseload has crossed the 40 million milestones, Monday, as Europe begins to encounter the onset of the second wave and the northern hemisphere winter threatens other parts of the world.

As seen during the previous caseload milestones, the pandemic is picking pace with every advancing million number of cases.

As per Reuters tally, which is based on official reporting of cases from nations, the pandemic has picked up ten million new cases in 32 days (from 30 to 40 million) as compared to the former milestone (from 20 to 30 million) which took 38 days.

The sheer number of new cases is, by the trend, occurring much faster than it was during the first quarter of this year.

For instance, the pandemic took three months to touch 10 million cases, compared to a month to cover the same milestone this Monday.

Global COVID-19 cases took a sharp upturn after 400,000 new cases were recorded in a single day, across the world — the highest number since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March.

Part of the alarming growth is attributed to Europe, which has since the last week recording a sharp rise in the number of cases in European nations like Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the UK, Russia, and others.

Europe in the past week has recorded an average of 1,40,000 cases a day, which is more infections than the numbers in India and the US combined.

British PM Boris Johnson has imposed a lockdown in parts of the UK to curb the spread of the virus. While France, the Czech Republic, and other European nations are closing schools and imposing curfews.

Outside Europe, the US, India, and Brazil continue to remain the worst-affected regions in the world, accounting to more than 47% of the global caseload.

Cases in the US are at an all-time high in some states of the mid-West. Current records say nearly 9 million people in the North American nation have the virus or are battling.

In India, cases fresh cases have taken a dip, with October 13 recording the lowest number since August 18, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, Iran — Middle East’s hardest-hit country — has imposed stricter and widespread restrictions in capital Tehran, extending to the third week, to stop the spread and prevent deaths that have crossed the 30,000-mark.

Despite the somber number of deaths and infections around the world, many health experts believe the actual tally is most-likely way more than what is officially known.

The novel coronavirus that is thought to have originated in Wuhan has taken over 1.1 million lives and is set to enter the one-year span roughly on November-December when the virus is thought to have started spreading.

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