Won’t wear mask? Dig COVID victims’ grave instead! Indonesia’s productive punishment

Won't wear mask? Dig COVID victims' grave instead! Indonesia's productive punishment - We The World
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Authorities in Java, Indonesia have reportedly found a productive way to punish people who refused to wear face-mask in public. They were made to dig graves for people who died from COVID-19.

People detering from wearing a simple and harmless face mask in public has been a major issue worldwide.

The small action has been proven to be the most effective way to stop the spread of the virus that mostly jumps from one to another via cough, sneeze, and other respiratory droplets when expelled unbarred.

But not in Indonesia, it turns out. Eight people in Gresik regency of East Java were forced by the local authorities to dig graves of COVID-19 victims for not wearing face-mask in public – a mandate by the Indonesian government.

According to Indonesian Regent Law No: 22/2020 violations of protocols can lead to fines and community service as punishments.

Image via The Jakarta Post

The people were made to dig graves in a public cemetery in Nagabetan village in East Java because the cemetery had only three grave-diggers and the district head Suyono felt why not put rule-violaters to use?

Two people each were assigned a grave, one had to dig, and the other lay the wooden plates to support the corpse, a Jakarta Post report said.

An increasing number of new cases in Cerme prompted the villagers to strengthen the health-care protocol violation rules. “Hopefully, this can create a deterrent effect against violations,” said Suyono.

As of Sunday, Indonesia recorded more than 3k new COVID-19 cases for the sixth consecutive day, as the virus seems to rebound in the most populous Southeast Asian nation.

The 3,636 new deaths and 73 fatalities of Sunday took Indonesia’s national total to 218,382 cases and fatalities to 8,723, health ministry data showed.

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