Italian woman’s one-meter hat gives major social distancing goals

Italian Woman’s One-meter Hat Gives Major Social Distancing Goals - We The World Magazine
Image by @TaoualitAmar via Twitter

A woman in Italy was spotted wearing a hat that keeps passerby at a 1-meter distance from her, is giving major social distancing goals with her style.

The novel coronavirus has affected more than 4 million people globally, and one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of this highly infectious diseases is by maintaining social distancing.

Italian woman takes social distancing to different levels
Italian woman’s one-meter hat gives major social distancing goals (Image by @TaoualitAmar via Twitter)

Twitter user Amar Taoualit captured the women in a street with the caption “a passerby wears a one-meter wide hat to keep the distance !! (Paris)”

The tweet has since then been viewed 3.5k times.

Itay has got one of the highest death rates in the world with tolls touching nearly 31k, and 221k infections.

When the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic back in March, one Italian man took a similarly extensive step to keep the virus at bay.

The man wore a giant cardboard ring that skirts around him, as he walks the streets of Rome, Daily Mail reported.

As the man in question walks, the cardboard keeps others away from him. He also carried a litter picker with him.

And then again there are people who don’t abide by this social distancing.


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Social Distancing

According to WHO, maintaining at least one meter (3 feet) distance from others prevents small droplets of saliva from cough and sneeze to land on the body that can potentially contain the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, in India, images of crowded streets in Madhya Pradesh went viral as people forget social distancing to greet a Jain monk upon arrival, ANI reports.

A local police officer was quoted as saying: “Directions given to investigate & take action against organizers if social distancing norms & section-144 were violated”.

Twitter was quick to point that the crowd has already broke limits. One user wroteEven after seeing pics they need to investigate if social distancing is maintained (facepalm)”