WATCH: wild cat’s outlandish ear flick is your daily dose of awe


Not every day you get to see a Caracal, flicking its advanced ears. One footage shared by the Indian Forest Service officer captures a weirdly comforting stunt carried by a baby Caracal.

Caracals are wild cats native to Africa but are found across Asia, the Middle East including India. However, in the Indian subcontinent, this is a rare specie. In Madhya Pradesh, people locally call it Shea-gosh or siyah-gush and in Rajasthan it might be referred to as Junglee Bilio or Wild cat. Sadly, they’re depleting in India, while internationally they’re in abundance.

They are mostly agile and tactile like most wild cats, who are excellent hunters. This species has an ornate ear to flaunt as well. Some four and a half-centimeter long black tufts grow over their ears, much like that of a lynx.

Credits to Habib M’henni / Wikimedia Commons

While you’ve seen cats and dogs flicking their ears, which is a natural tendency in them, this particular flick by the Caracal is unlike any you’ve ever seen. As if a practiced artist giving a masterstroke. IFS Praveen Kaswan sharing the video wrote:

“The most interesting part of Caracals are their big ears. They have some 20 muscles in it to move them like an antenna, for good communication. They are highly efficient hunters. This one at WildCat conservation center. Do you know where in India caracals are found.”

Watch the feat below:

The video has so far been watched 50,000 times and has garnered some 5.4k likes and over 900 retweets.

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(Cover image credits to Habib M’henni / Wikimedia Commons)