WHO reports record one-day increase in global COVID-19 cases

WHO reports record one-day increase in global COVID-19 cases - We The World Magazine
Screengrab of WHO COVID-19 dashboard via covid19.who.int

The most number of COVID-19 cases recorded in one-day since the pandemic began was on Sunday, with a total of 307,930 new cases recorded in just 24-hours, WHO reported.

The most number of cases for the record-breaking day arguably came from India, the United States, and Brazil, three of the world’s biggest COVID-19 epicenter.

On Sunday, India reported 94,372 new cases, followed by the United States with 45,523 fresh cases and Brazil with 43,718. While Sunday’s count was not the highest India recorded recently, nonetheless, collectively the three countries topped the daily-record chart.

In the meantime, death tolls globally are racing to touch the grim 1 million mark. On Sunday, 5,537 people died all together around the world, taking the total count to 917,417.

The three nations – US, India, and Brazil together make up a majority of the global total caseload, followed by Russia, South American nations and others.

While there is no proven vaccine for the novel coronavirus yet, healthcare authorities around the world are having to manage the mammoth inflow of new cases, including severely ill patients using therapeutics like plasma therapy and other symptom-supportive medications.

In March the WHO launched the solidarity trial to find which therapy is effective in treating COVID-19 patients and ruled out other options while sustaining the use of dexamethasone in an emergency. As per WHO other therapeutics are currently under trial.

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Andhanon said there are currently 108 WHO-approved vaccines under development around the world, of which 35 are in the human clinical trial phase.

“No disease in history has seen such rapid development in vaccine research, it is a testament to the incredible advances in science and technology the world has made in recent years,” the WHO DG said in the virtual address.

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