WHO hopeful, India, Brazil, and the US will be able to overcome pandemic

India's coronavirus now fastest growing in the world - report - We The World Magazine

On Wednesday, India reported another record-breaking spike in the number of coronavirus cases, with 45,720 new infections. Now, the national total stands at 1.4 million, according to the federal health ministry data.

This highest single-day spike comes along with a record-setting single day recovery rate as well, co-incidentally. According to The Times of India, 29,557 COVID patients recovered on Wednesday. India has the third biggest number of novel COVID infections globally.

While new infections are at an all-time high, the World Health Organization is hopeful India, Brazil, and the US – the three worst-hit nations from the pandemic, will be able to tackle the spread.

At a Geneva news briefing, WHO’s emergencies program head, Dr. Mike Ryan said the trio-nation are “powerful, able, democratic countries who have tremendous internal capacities to deal with this disease,” Reuters reports.

Brazil, the second worst-hit country saw a record jump in the number of coronavirus infections on Wednesday, with 68,000 fresh cases. The South American nation has recorded all-total 2.2 million infections and 82,771 deaths, according to reports. The nation under president Jair Bolsonaro time and again downplayed the severity of the virus. He is corona positive.

In the US, the novel virus that originated in Wuhan has till date affected more than three million, and has crossed the 4 million mark on Thursday.

According to Reuters tally, the number of coronavirus cases in the country is now spiking at an average rate of 2.6k per day – highest in the world. President Donald Trump, who has often resisted wearing a mask, is now pushing American’s to adopt the same, in an absolute U-turn.

(Cover image – U.S. Army photo by Spc. Miguel Pena)