West Bengal: sweeping lockdown to be imposed in new containment zones from Thursday

West Bengal reimposes sweeping new lockdown statewide. Know more here - We The World Magazine

The West Bengal Government announces that the state will face strict lockdown starting at 5 PM, Thursday, in the to-be-announced newly designed containment zones across the state.

According to the announcement, the new lockdown will refer to the newly designed containment zones in Kolkata as well as the state. This means that the previously declared containment zones will be dissolved into a newly designed system, to be announced tomorrow, according to media reports.

NDTV noted Bengal’s earlier containment zones included three categories: affected zones, buffer zones, and clean zones or ABC. In the new regulation, both containment zones and buffer zones will be merged. Entry and exit in these containment zones will be stopped.

West Bengal reimposes sweeping new lockdown statewide. (Image of Victoria Memorial in kolkata)

Affected under the re-imposed lockdown will be all sorts of business activities in the containment zones, offices will be closed and no transportation will be allowed, starting 5 PM, Thursday. The restriction will also shut the shopping malls and every non-essential travel will be barred in the area. People will not able to gather as well, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The announcement comes shortly after the Civil Aviation Ministry agreed Kolkata’s urge to disallow flights in Kolkata Airport from certain COVID-19 hotspot cities – Chennai, Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad until July 19th.

The government of West Bengal wrote to the Secretary of the Civil Aviation Ministry on June 30, and it was decided to pause flights in Kolkata as per the request. Currently, Bengal is the 8th worst-hit state with the novel coronavirus with more than 23k cases and 804 deaths, according to the State Health Department.

NOTE: a previous version of this story was updated with some appropriate changes in the headline.

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