BREAKING: Harry Style’s Watermelon Sugar music video official teaser is out now

Harry Style’s Watermelon Sugar Music Video Official Teaser Is Out Now - We The World Magazine
Screenshot courtesy of Harry Styles via Youtube

All of a sudden twitter went bonkers and hashtag watermelon sugar music video started to trend number one in several countries on the microblogging platform.

Now, finally, Watermelon Sugar music video official teaser surfaces on the youtube channel try Styles, bringing an end to few days worth of speculation among Harry’s ardent fan following.

The official teaser shows the previously teased image as constant with the water in the backdrop rustling. After 0:55 seconds, Harry Styles emerges from the right with a plate of…well, of course…watermelon in hand, that he places on the table.

Watch the official teaser video below.


History: Leakes of Watermelon sugar music video

Two sites popped up that has probably created the buzz.  The first site is Harry’s site that suddenly adopted a watermelon color theme and generating memes based on the lyrics of Fine Line like “You are watermelon sugar high,”  and so on, followed by the singer signing off with “TPWK” acronym derived from the album ‘Treat people with kindness.’

And the second site just shows the tipped video cover (see below). Both the sites are registered with Sony Music, Harry’s label, and apparently fans connected one with two to come to the conclusion.

People re-tweeted the screenshots from both the side so much that in hours #waterelonsugarm touched more than 100k tweets. In India, the hashtag trended no 3 at the time of writing this article.

A fan page also tweeted the possible poster of the video that shows a table with a red tablecloth, with a backdrop of a beach.


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Just recently, the site ‘ijustwannatasteit’ which initially showed a table with a bright tablecloth, but empty, has now got some things on top. Food and some cups have been added.

A tease of some kind is certainly in the air. Some fans are also claiming that according to insider reports, the British singer will launch the new music video on May 20th.

It is amazing to see Harry, without saying anything on Twitter pushed the trends on his side in no time. Not many celebrities command this level of star power.

Image via @fairylv_ via Twitter

With the launch of the Watermelon sugar music video official teaser, we are counting days for the official launch. Get that out soon Harry, we’re already so much stressed 😉

(Cover Image by Harry Styles via Youtube)

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