Maggie pani puri goes viral. As if 2020 was not bad enough, the Internet says

Maggie Pani Puri Goes Viral As If 2020 Was Not Bad Enough - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of Bunny via Twitter

After Nutella Biryani, Maggie Pani puri has surfaced online, sending gastronomical shockwaves among netizens. A Twitter user has posted images of his new combination- instant noodles stuffed inside a paani puri.

Netizens are so gobsmacked some of them are calling the bizarre food combination, which is also visually unattractive, as ‘worse than 2020.’ One user went on to comment with a picture of watermelon drizzled with some ketchup, calling it watermelon ketchup as a retaliation for his invention.

Since June 3 when the Twitter user posted the recipe, it has gone viral receiving mainstream media coverage.

Have look at the appaling food below:

Twitter user Bunny has even shared a recipe for his creation. He can be seen lifting a spoonful of silky Noodles and stuffing a cracked puri with it. Watch it below:

One user commented: “what on earth?” The other wrote: “thiis makes me uncomfortable;” someone else wrote: “What is this phobia called? coz I am triggered!”

Some hilarious memes also lines the particular thread. Take a look:

What do think about the idea of a pani puri stuffed with maggie. Comment below. And dont forget to share this creation.

Cover image courtesy of Bunny via Twitter)