Ancient village underwater since 1994 could resurface again

Ancient Village Underwater Since 1994 Could Resurface Again - We The World Magazine
By Robyfra1 at Italian Wikipedia - Transferred from it.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,

An ancient village in Tuscany, Italy that has been underwater for a very long time is likely to see the sun soon, according to reports.

Fabbriche di Careggine was a simple village that existed since the early twelfth century. In 1946, the village was inundated in water to construct a dam. Since then the ghosted village was visible a few times, the last time was 26 years back when the “dam is emptied for maintenance”.

Atlantis, the fictional submerged island from Plato, still remains one of the most endearing legends from history that has given rise to different conspiracy theories. But thankfully, Fabbriche di Careggine in Lucca province is not a mystery and we have facts about its resurfacing ordeal.

Image showing ruins of the Fabbriche di Careggine peppered with tourists when the lake is drained afetr every 10 years (Image courtesy of Viaggio Routard via Flickr under CC 2.0)

History of the village

The village was from the Medieval era. So just like any other medieval village, it had stone brick houses, a church, a graveyard and other community structures, and even a bridge. The construction of the Enel (an energy company) dam submerged the village under 34 million cubic meters of water. However, the structure still remains intact.

By Robyfra1 at Italian Wikipedia – Transferred from it.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain

Residents were reportedly relocated to a nearby lakeside location called Vagli di Sotto so that their community could be preserved and they could live normally. The village is located now inside Lake Vagli, an artificial lake associate with the dam.

The water is occasionally drained out so that the dam can be maintained. And these are the times when the drowned village comes out in the open, still preserved in its antiquity after so many hundreds of years. Definitely a marvel to see.

Last sightings

The village was last seen in 1994. Before that, 1958, 1974, and 1983 when the marvelous village was sun-kissed, according to local tourism officials. Since then politicians have time and again tried to reveal the village citing tourism and local employment. It turns out, the village lake could be drained next year as tipped by the daughter of the former mayor of the local municipality, Lorenza Giorgi. In a Facebook post, she wrote:

“I inform you that from certain sources I know that next year, in 2021, Lake Vagli will be emptied.”

Fabbriche di Careggine resurcaing in 15 May 1994. Watch the ruins of the village peeking from under the receding water levels. Image courtesy of Nimue via Commons under Creative Commons 2.0 (CC 2.0) lisence (No changes were made in the image)

“The last time it was emptied was in 1994 when my father was mayor and thanks to his efforts and to the numerous initiatives that with great efforts, was able to set up the entire town of Vagli and was able to welcome more than 1 million people”.

The vintage village was visited for at least a million tourists and that shows how we all love to catch a glimpse of history in any possible way.

The news of its next sighting

Recently, the village was back again in the news as the company that manages the reservoir hinted CNN that the next maintenance spree could begin soon.

Local authorities of the area are gearing up to increase the footfall of tourists in the area by making the historical village visible more often, as reported by CNN. Apart from that, the maintenance of the artificial lake needs to be undertaken from time to time. The reservoir also needs cleaning and up-gradation.

(Cover image courtesy of Robyfra1 at Italian Wikipedia | Commons)