Vietnam evacuates 80k people from Danang after nation’s 1st COVID community spread

Vietnam to evacuate 80k people from Danang after nation's 1st community spread detected - We The World Magazine

Vietnam is getting ready to evacuate as much as 80,000 people, mostly domestic tourists, from the city of Danang after three people contacted coronavirus, said to be the nation’s first community spread.

One of the three patients is a 17-years-old from a neighboring province, another is a 57-years old man who is now in a critical condition, the BBC reports.

According to media reports, the government will evacuate the tens of thousands of people from the coastal city over a course of four to five days to 11 Vietnamese cities on chartered flights. The city borders will be closed for 14 days.

Until last week, Vietnam – a nation with 9.5 crore population – had reported a little over 400 COVID-19 infections with zero deaths, a far-less toll as compared to the other nations in the world.

Strict lockdown, social distancing, and contact tracing from the early days of the Pandmeic worked in favor of the nation to prevent the spread of the virus.

Vietnam to evacuate 80k people from Danang after nation’s 1st community spread detected

However, following the weekend on Saturday, the country reported its first local case of a 57-years-old man who tested positive news outlet the Guardian reports.

Vietnam is now on high alert, after nearly returning to normal, as authorities battle the emergence of local cases for the first time since April when the pandemic began. Now there are fears that a whole outbreak in under the way.

The city of Danang, a popular tourist destination, known for its beaches and culture, has been put on an indefinite social distancing order. People congregating in numbers of more than 30 are not allowed, the government has said.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has also ramped up border security; on Sunday local police arrested a Chinese man from intruding into the country and is accused of smuggling people from China to Vietnam.

Recently, almost 1,500 people have been caught intruding into the nation from China since May into Vietnam’s Ha Giang province. Although, it is not clear if the community spread is from the illegal immigrants, news outlet Independent reports.

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