VIDEO: Mum makes crashing cameo by falling through ceiling in daughter’s TikTok

VIDEO: Mum makes crashing cameo by falling from ceiling in daughter's video - We The World Magazine
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In an incident as bizarre as it can get, a girl was singing (and recording) a song while her mother drops through the ceiling of the room, the action was captured live on camera.

It is not known what lead to the extremely dangerous incident, but the 10-second video stands testimony of something like this can happen.

TikTok user (which is still operational in other countries outside India) posted the short clip on Instagram where the bizarre incident took place.

Liz San Millan was singing a song in her melodious voice and just as she made eye-contact with her viewers in the camera, all of a sudden her performance was disrupted by a thud, and in the background, viewers can see her mother’s legs dangling from the shattered ceiling.

“Oh my god,” Liz screamed, after a reflex shock, and realizing what just happened. The incident since uploading has gone crazy viral.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Liz said she was singing Kindergarten Boyfriend from Heathers: The Musical, as she was getting ready for upcoming auditions.

Her mother was actually looking for luggage in the attic when the ceiling crashed and she got stuck in the dent. “Right before she fell, you can see the irritation in my face due to her banging around while she knew I was filming,” she told the media outlet.

Watch the video below:

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Fortunately, Liz’s mum id not injure herself. Liz also said her mother was so stunned at first, neither she moved, nor made a sound to call for help.

The video has been viewed in the US TikTok 4.6 million times with another million plus favourites. Liz’s father is actively working to fix the ceiling.