VIDEO: Adorable baby monkey’s affection for man wins the internet

VIDEO: Adorable baby monkey's affection for man wins the internet - We The World
Photo by Brian Mann on Unsplash

If you’ve been fascinated by puppy love, get ready to get double-fascinated by money-love this time.

A baby monkey somewhere in India is making rounds on the internet for its clingy adoration for a man. Shared by Twitter user Manak Gupta, the video has been so far watched over 121,000 times.

In the footage shot somewhere in India, a woman arrives apparently empty-handed in the porch, but after a closer look viewers can make out a tiny monkey is clinging to her right leg.

As soon as a man arrives in a car and calls for the tiny animal, it runs and grasps the man’s leg. The woman who was carrying the monkey comes and separates it from the man and it screams loudly.

Again when it is reunited with the man, it calms down, adorably grasping the man. Viewers can’t but adore the love of the tiny monkey, that is barely the size of a small stuffed toy. Watch the video below:

At the time of writing this post, the Tweet has been retweeted nearly 1k times and has garnered some 6.3k likes. #Monkey was also trending on Twitter’s Trending list but it is not clear if it was for this particular video.

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