USB face mask disinfects itself when plugged-in, in Israel’s newest invention

USB face mask disinfects itself when plugged-in, in Israel's newest invention

Israeli researchers have come up with a high-tech solution for face masks. Their newest invention is a USB face mask that can self-cleanse.

With most of the masks are suggestively disposable after a certain time for hygiene purposes, this new invention does away with the job of disinfection. All you’ll do is to plugin with a smartphone charger and the mask will be ready to use in the next 30-mins.

“If you are in your car and take your mask off, you can simply connect it to your cigarette lighter charger, and then put it back on as if it’s a new mask,”  Professor Yair Ein-Eli from Technion University in Haifa, Israel told The Times of Israel. But the battery technology expert warned against using it while charging.

USB face mask disinfects itself when plugged-in, in Israel’s newest invention (Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels)

Wondering how this bizarrely-innovative face mask works? Well, according to reports, carbon fibres inside the mask will heat up to 70 degrees celsius, enough to slay the viruses, when plugged in with the USB opening.

Professor Yair Ein had the idea of such a mask when he met with the delivery man who was wearing a mask. When asked for how long, the man replied for four days. He thought then and there something has to be done because, clearly, the man’s mask by then was soiled and dirty.

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The researchers behind the product are looking forward to offering a mask that does its purpose while saving the environment at the same time. Disposable facemasks are now threatening the oceans with a new kind of pollution, as billions of them potentially await to be disposed of, which could end up in the ocean floors. Environmentalists have already found disposable masks on the ocean floor.

“You have to make it reusable and friendly, and this is our solution,” Eli says about the mask, adding that disposable masks are on high demand globally, thanks to the pandemic, but they’re not environmental friendly.

Disposable face mask pose a worrying threat to the oceans, as specimen have already been found in the seafloors. This new USB face mask promises sustainability (Image for representation only)

“Our idea could change masks from disposable items into gadgets that people clean, meaning they wouldn’t need replacing so regularly and hospitals wouldn’t need such large supplies,” Professor Eli says.

The prototype of the mask looks similar to an N95 with a frontal valve to ease breathing resistance and a rubber band that wraps around the head keeps the mask on the face.

According to Reuters, the researchers have applied for a patent in the US in late March and they look forward to launching the product with private players, that will sell a dollar more than the regular.

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