Coronavirus: US breaks daily new record for the fourth consecutive day as global cases go past 50M

Coronavirus: US breaks daily new record for the fourth consecutive day as global cases go past 50M - We The World
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As the US celebrated the election of the nation’s 46th President, Coronavirus continues to break records in the most-affected region from the pandemic.

On Saturday, the US recorded another 127,399 cases as per Johns Hopkins University and COVID Tracking Project data — the fourth consecutive day new COVID-19 cases broke the daily records in a row.

After Saturday’s addition, the total US COVID-19 caseload stands at 9.9 million, by far the most number of cases than any other places in the world.

The 100,000 plus new cases come after the States tested over 1.3 million people that day, a sheer testing number it has been achieving for quite a long time, which is also the reason for the skyrocketing caseload.

In the last week, ending Friday alone, the States recorded close to 1 million new cases at 715k new novel coronavirus infections, the COVID Tracking Project showed.

This means that 1 in every 462 people in the United States has tested positive for the virus last week. The report also noted Hospitalizations also sparked last week all across the subcontinent, with the numbers close to the grim Spring outbreak.

The most number of new infections came from the Midwest state of Illinois which recorded 12k new COVID-19 infections. Cases here have doubled in the past two-weeks with per capital incident touching nearly 1k.

The alarming and unmissable rise in the new coronavirus cases come amid a chaotic election the US has just come out of after the Associated Press declared Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Elections.

But as incumbent President Trump said, the election is far from over. While Americans are spontaneously celebrating the coming of another Democrat-ruled four years, the journey ahead will be dotted with legal challenges wielded by Trump on grounds of voters fraud.

As of November 7, hospitalizations for the virus records at a cumulative 492,773, with 2,304 new patients hospitalized on Saturday. 11,078 people are currently in the ICU and 2,943 on a ventilator, as of November 7.

Meanwhile, globally, novel coronavirus cases have surged past the 50 million milestones, Reuters reported Sunday. The report says a quarter of the cases are a result of the ‘second wave’ spread of the virus.

In Europe new coronavirus cases are piling up at a rate of 1 million per three days, Reuters tally shows, and the regions accounts for 24% of the world’s COVID-19 death toll.

India remains South Asia’s worst-affected region from the virus. As per federal government records, cases have taken a slow but steady dip since September, despite fears of superspreading events during the Hindu festive season in October and November.

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