UP police to force violaters write ‘Mask Lagana Hain’ 500 times

UP police to force violaters write 'Mask Lagana Hain' 500 times - We The World Magazine

Dare to walk out in Uttar Pradesh without covering the face with a mask? Be prepared to write ‘mask Lagana hain’ not one, two, ten or a hundred times, but 500 times, as punishment.

According to reports, the ingenious way to punish violators for not wearing masks has been designed by the police, district admin, and doctors. Once a person will be caught without donning a mask, he or she will be dragged to sit in what they’re calling a ‘mask ki class.’

In the ‘mask ki class,’ the Firozabad district administration along with the Uttar Pradesh state police will hunt them and make them write the phrase ‘mask must be worn’ five hundred times in Hindi.

The whole ordeal for the violator will be overseen by police, a district admin, and a doctor.

“In this class, lessons will be imparted to those people who are found moving out without a mask,” Senior Superintendent of Police Sachindra Patel was quoted as saying, NDTV reports.

“These people will not face any police action but will be made to sit in the class for 3-4 hours,” he said about the campaign that will begin from Tilak Inter College under the supervision of Superintendent of Police and City Magistrate.

People, in the class, will be shown footage educating them about the benefits of wearing face masks in public, at the time of a pandemic. Part of the whole exercise will include writing the phrase ‘mask Lagana hain’ 500 times, the SSP added.

Active coronavirus cases in UP have touched more than 12k active cases with 934 people succumbed to the disease in the past 24-hours, according to the State Health Department. Meanwhile, coronavirus cases in India are racing to touch 1 million, with nearly 900k active cases.

What do you think about a punishment like this upon not wearing face mask in public.