The unstoppable pandemic in US: 1m Covid cases in 10 days as virus breaks daily record

The unstoppable pandemic in US: 1m Covid cases in 10 days as virus breaks daily record - We The World
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Novel Covid cases in the US broke records on Tuesday after the nation recorded another day of 100,000 new cases for the seventh day straight.

This time the daily bulk swelled the caseload to touch the somber milestone of 1 million new cases in just 10 days, as the count went from 9 million to 10 in record time.

On Monday, the US surpassed the 10 million milestones — a record no other nations have set, although the pandemic has virtually impacted every possible sphere of earth.

On November 10th, 131k new cases were recorded, the highest single-day rise in the US since the pandemic started, the COVID- Tracking Project said.

The unstoppable rise of the novel coronavirus in the US comes amid the nation’s political landscape frenzied by a chaotic White House election historic in several angles.

President-elect Joe Biden who has refuted the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic has recruited a coronavirus task force which has warned the recent staggering numbers of infections could bolster under Trump.

As per the Covid Tracking Project data, Tuesday’s record number of new infections also came with record hospitalizations — some 62k people were hospitalized from the virus, compared to over 55k in the last seven-day average and since July 10th.

In the same time-frame, a total of 17 states reported single-day record hospitalizations with South Dakota recording the highest hospitalization among others.

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In North Dakota, the state’s healthcare is burged with not only new infections, but incredible number of healthcare workers who have contacted the virus.

Local media reported that so many North Dakota healthcare workers contracted the disease that the state was putting asymptomatic — but still infectious — workers back on the field to tend COVID patients.

Tuesday’s death-toll is also the highest since August 19th, taking the 7-day average up to nearly 1,000 and per capita hospitalization in the Midwest has outpaced the South’s peak over the summer.

States like Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, Utah are facing unprecedented stress in healthcare delivery, with some states raising alarms of dangerous stress in the coming days if caseloads continue to rise like this.

The COVID Tracking Project notes the hospitalization to death ratio has ‘tremendously fallen’, thanks to the improvement in treatment.

But this fact alone does not mean the situation has improved overall, as data trends show deaths increase two to three weeks later. “We’ve seen it happen in the state after state, in the region after region, and nationally as well,” the report says.

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