UK pushes vaccine race, injects multi-million pounds to erect vaccine manufacturing center within 12 months

Uk Pushes Vaccine Race, Injects Multi-million Pounds To Erect Vaccine Manufacturing Center Within 12 Months - We The World Magazine
Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

The British Government just recently announced they’re injecting up to £93 million pounds to ensure the early launch of their already under-construction vaccine manufacturing center, 12-months ahead schedule.

The new center in question – Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC) is already under construction and was tipped for launch in Summer 2022.

But the multi-million-pound government investment accelerates the program, which is now scheduled to launch in Summer 2021, a full 12-month ahead of the stipulated launch, according to the official statement.

UK pushes vaccine race, injects multi-million pound investment to erect vaccine manufacturing center within 12 months
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

With the new manufacturing and innovation center, the UK seeks to manufacture mass quantities of vaccines in the least times possible. Once the infrastructure will be ready, another £38 million investment will be ready to boost production.


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The race for a vaccine

This new facility, opening at the Harwell Science and innovation campus in Oxfordshire, is the UK’s first non-profit organization that will “develop and advance the mass production of vaccines,” the government said.

The center will “boost the UK’s long-term capacity against future viruses,” alongside ramping up the production of existing illnesses, like flu.

“The new Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre and temporary facility will build ‘fill and finish’ capacity, bringing the UK vaccine program together from discovery to distribution,” Business Secretary Alok Sharma said in an official statement.