UK to allow holidaymaking within Europe starting July 6th

UK to allow holidaymaking in Europe starting July 6th - We The World Magazine

The United Kingdom will reportedly lift the blanket restriction for non-essential travel and allow holidaymakers to visit certain European nations that are relatively safe.

According to the UK ministers, European countries that the government will deem okay to travel will be marked with traffic light color-code, to convey the safety quotient of the destination.

For instance, countries that will be ‘green’ will be perceived as safer than the countries marked ‘amber;’ while ‘red’ marked nations will mean cautionary, BBC reports.

UK to allow holidaymaking in Europe starting July 6th - We The World Magazine
Santorini in Greece (Brits up for holidaymaking within Europe starting July 6th) UK is opening holidaymaking within Europe starting July 6th

Sparing Portugal and Sweden, countries like Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Germany, and Belgium will be open for the Brits for holidaymaking, without having to quarantine for 14-days upon return. This is not the full list and it will be published in the comming week.

According to a British spokesperson, these new rules will allow two achievements in one- boost the UK economy at the same time allowing people to make a “summer holiday abroad.”

Architecture in Spain (Photo by tyler hendy from Pexels)

Portugal is not on the free-travel list as of yet, given the recent spike in cases in and around Lisbon while Sweden is unlikely for the country has more number of cases than the UK itself.

Tourists will be legally forced to wear masks in public transit wherever they go and they’ll have to submit a copy of the address to the UK government upon arrival, for every destination, according to BBC.


As soon as the cross-border travel was relaxed, UK’s travel industry instantly counted the merits. Travel companies have said bookings have ‘exploded’ following the announcement, especially for Spain and Greece as the current favorite for the Brits.

Booking agencies like and TUI have reported an 80% – 50% increase in booking queries respectively in a week, as compared to the last weeks, according to reports.

The City of Istanbul with Istanbul bridge in Turkey (Photo by Osman Köycü on Unsplash)

The UK is arguably one of Europe’s leading destinations and normalizing traveling to and fro the country initiates a chain reaction of economic benefits, starting from the nation’s own travel industry to the neighboring countries that usually receive high traffic of British tourists like Portugal.

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