UK Coronavirus death toll slashed by 5k after recalculation

UK Coronavirus death toll slashed by 5k after recalculation - We The World Magazine
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Britain’s COVID-19 death toll has been slashed by 5ooo after new calculation was done following concerns of over old methods that ‘overestimated’ death from the novel disease.

The new coronavirus death toll puts England on par with other UK nations, the BBC reports. More than 5000 fatalities were removed from the lists, the government announced on Wednesday, making the current record of 41,329 rather than the 46,706 recorded under the old methodology.

An revision in counting the death toll by Public Health England (PHE) was ordered by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

The old issue

The issue was raised with the earlier model of counting fatality where any patient who contracted the virus was automatically enlisted in the death toll of the virus should the person die following testing COVID-positive.

This method, as experts pointed out, failed to trace the actual cause of death, since not necessarily anyone who contacted COVID will die from the disease.

Yet the old method would enlist any death following a COVID positive result as a case of death from the virus. Other conditions could kill people, which the old method overlooked, leading to the overestimation of ‘COVID deaths.

Now, like Scotland and Wales, the English COVID death toll will comply with a 28-days cut-off. This means any death following the 28-day time frame will not be deemed as a COVID death case.

The former method of counting was paused in July and new overlook was adopted, Sky News reports.