Twitter opens moral school for Swara Bhaskar over web series Rasbhari


Swara Bhaskar’s recent web series Rasbhari was released on Amazon Prime Videos which revolves around a gorgeous teacher with a sex-obsessed alter ego and people’s including her student’s obsession for her. So far, Twitter is not happy with the show.

#SwaraBhaskar has been trending on twitter with scores of people posting hate comments to the actor’s new web series. Bhaskar’s work has become the new meme material online.

The reaction seems to be charged more after Film lyricist and Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chief Prasoon Joshi expressed his disappointment over a scene.

Joshi pointed out one scene from the web series where a young girl ‘provocatively’ dances in front of drunken men. “Saddened by web series #Rasbhari’s irresponsible content portraying a little girl child dancing provocatively in front of men drinking,” the film certification chief wrote on Twitter.

Twitter opens moral school for Swara Bhaskar over web series Rasbhari (Image courtesy of @PrimeVideoIN via Twitter)

“Creators & audience need to seriously rethink Freedom of expression or freedom of exploitation? Let’s spare children in the desperate need for entertainment.”

Swara was quick to respond. She wrote: “Maybe there is a misunderstanding. The scene is different from what you have described. The kid is dancing on her own will. Her father is ashamed to see her. The dance is not provocative, the kid is just dancing, she isn’t aware that the society will even sexualize her – this is what the scene shows.”

In the web series, Swara plays the role of Shanu, an English Teacher in Meerut while young boys like Nand are after her. Their relationship takes a turn after Nand saves Shanu from a local witch hunt initiated by his own mother.

“Most shameful web series ever made till now. At east keep our school kids away from such filth,” a person wrote on Twitter.

(Cover image courtesy of @PrimeVideoIN via Twitter)

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