Twitter in love with 99-years old granny packing food for migrants

Twitter In Love With 99-years Old Granny Packing Food For Migrants - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of Zahid F. Ebrahim via Twitter

A Twitter user shared a heartwarming clip of a 99-years old woman who could be seen prepairing roti and sabzi (flatbread and curry) for the migrants in Mumbai.

“My 99 year old phuppi prepares food packets for migrant workers in Bombay,” wrote Twitter user Zahid F. Ebrahim. and by far this video can melt our heart in seconds.

So far his tweet has been viewed 179k time and it has been retweeted 1.4k times. Numbers can reveal only so much and we’re all heart-emojis for dear granny with this big heart.

She carefully rolls the Rotis in aluminum foil which presumably distributed o the migrants who’re 55facing unprecedented hardships during the pandemic.

Comments flooded the tweet, with people showering love and greetings for granny.

“What a sight (emoji).sharing everything we have with underprivileged….this will save the world .i think people are rising to occasion by helping each other,” wrote one user.

“What an angel. May Allah add many more years to her life. Aameen.,” someone else added.

An NDTV journalist expressed her desire to connect with Phuppi ‘grandma,’ she wrote: “how can I connect with you / your phuppi in Bombay on this? this is beautiful

“So inspiring. Hugs for her,” a person tweeted.

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(Cover Image courtesy of Zahid F. Ebrahim via Twitter)