Turkey vows legal action against France over Charlie Hebdo’s Erdogan caricature

Turkey vows legal action against France over Charlie Hebdo's Erdogan caricature - We The World
Cartton from a pro-Turkish government publication taking a jib at France (Image courtesy of @misvakdergi via Twitter)

Turkey will now take ‘legal diplomatic actions’ against France over a caricature of the Turkish president published in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, as the gaffe between the two nations continues.

On Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo published a caricature of Turkish President Erdogan gracing the front page of the weekly issue, where he is depicted wearing a t-shirt and underwear and lifting the skirt of a hijab-wearing woman.

Image courtesy of Charlie Hebdo via Twitter

Charlie Hebdo’s Wednesday issue comes shortly after Erdogan hurled some strongly worded comments on French President Macron for his tough stance on Islam, over the preceding Jihadi attack on a history teacher.

“I condemn this incorrigible French rag’s immoral publication concerning our president,” Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay wrote on Twitter. “I call on the moral and conscientious international community to speak out against this disgrace.”

As per media reports, Turkish state prosecutors have now lodged an investigation on the French weekly which is apparently the reason for the whole France vs Muslim divide that is currently sweeping the world.

Samuel Patty, a French teacher was beheaded for showing Charlie Hebdo caricature of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed to pupils in a class. Depicting the prophet is a taboo in Islam and has deeply hurt Muslims around the world.

Mr. Erdongan’s communications director Fahrettin Altun called Charlie Hebdo’s recent issue a “disgusting effort by this publication to spread its cultural racism and hatred.”

Mr. Erdogan, a devout Muslim, is for some time trying to publicize himself as a powerful voice in the Muslim world. Earlier he has lodged legal actions on a separate cartoon published in the Netherlands showing him wearing an Ottoman hat-shaped bomb.

France responded sternly to the brutal murder of Samuel Patty in broad daylight and vowed to not give-in to radical Islam and making caricatures. Erdogan attacked him saying he needs a mental checkup.

Rising tensions

Tensions have been high between Ankara and Paris since Erdogan’s comments on the French President were taken as insults by France. Soon afterward, the French envoy to Turkey was called back in a rare move.

Even before Turkey joined the scene, in the aftermath of France’s stern defend for its right to expression, which it channelizes through caricatures, other Muslim nations were already calling for boycotting French goods.

The gaffe between France and the Muslim-speaking world is widening, with Turkey’s legal action being the latest in the growing rift between the two nations.

In a recent statement the French foreign ministry has called to its citizens living in Muslim nations to exercise caution and forbid from attending large public gatherings for safety concerns, We The World reported earlier.

In Bangladesh, at least 10k people took to the streets, from a Muslim group and demonstrated against France. They change anti-France slogans and even burnt a Macron effigy.

Rippling effects of the movement have been seen in Muslim-majority nations around the world like Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, and some other Middle Eastern countries where French products were emptied from shelves.

Anti-France Muslims say boycotting will send a strong message to the nations, which is contrary to the French economists, who opine that the boycotts will remain at moderate levels because it will be in the interest of the Middle Eastern countries.

Jab on France

Meanwhile a pro-Turkey government magazine has been publishing cartoon of Macron and sharing the same on Twitter. Take a look below:

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