WATCH: beyond adorable tumble of a baby elephant concerns adult jumbos

WATCH: beyond adorable tumble of a baby elephant concerns adult jumbos

A baby elephant falling down while rushing to meet elders is winning the heart of the internet.

One such footage shared by an elephant orphanage from South Africa called Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD), shows a tiny jumbo stumbling and tumbling before hurrying to greet the adults in a herd, early in the morning.

“This caused quite the morning fuss as the elephants rushed over to check on her, including Somopane, one of the older bulls, too! Little Khanyisa was unharmed, and so the day started!” HERD wrote on Youtube, where this video is also uploaded.

In the video, the baby elephant named Khanyisa rushes to greet the other adults of Jabulani herd but before he can reach, the adorable baby tumbles on the ground. But what happens next is even more adorable and goes on to show, just how sensitive these animals are. The entire herd, and even a bull elephant, at once rushes to help the baby in a protective instinct. Concern can be as if seen on their faces.

Watch the adorable video here:

“A stumble & a tumble as #babyelephant Khanyisa runs to greet the Jabulani herd in the morning. Their protective response is just beautiful. Even Somopane, an older bull picked up the pace!” the conservation organization caption the post on Twitter.


People were charmed to see the adult elephant’s concern for the baby. “So nice to see how all the others are coming to check if she is well and staying around her in protection positions. After all the suffering in her beginning time of life, its very nice to see she has got a family now,” someone commented on the post on Twitter.

“My heart melted when they all came running over to make sure Khanyisa was ok after her little tumble. Amazing to see an adult bull like Somopane so concerned about a baby!” a person commented on Youtube.

“Very very concerned. Really it’s a good sign of herd acceptance & protection,” someone else wrote on twitter.

Words fall short to describe the cuteness of baby elephants. They start out with wobbly legs and a clueless attitude with their trunk. They even lick their trunk, just like a human baby would lick thumb when hungry. Their antics can be watched for hours and they can be very mischievous as well.

(Cover image courtesy of HERD via Youtube)

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