Disconnect from Zoom call and hear your soul speak at Palmaïa – The House of Aïa

KOLKATA (India): 2020 hardy hardly gave you chance to live. You've existed, and that is all.

After all, life cannot be, locked inside for months and having nowhere to visit, mingle and spend some good time with friends, family.

But then again, it was necessary. It was every bit needed to social distance, to wear a mask, and to keep yourself indoors, no-matter how draining it felt, for the betterment of others. You've duly done what you were supposed to, and you're continuing to do so. 

But like every action has its consequences, the pandemic, including all its nuances, has sent the number of people from suffering anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues to high. 

A report by Mental Health America says the number of people looking for help with anxiety, and depression has skyrocketed especially in the months pandemic and related effects were at a peak.

The report also noted: "The number of people screening with moderate to severe symptoms of depression and anxiety has continued to increase throughout 2020 and remains higher than rates prior to COVID-19."

These are among the several banes of the pandemic and goes without saying, there's an urgency to heal humankind. 

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Palmaïa – The House of Aïa is helping folks unravel themselves to a blissful experience in the lap of nature, amid the azure waters of the Caribbean at their plush property in Mexico's Mayan Riviera. 

There's nothing more refreshing and rehabilitating than traveling, and if you're up for one, keep reading. 

With a new beachfront retreat, the eco-conscious, wellness resort is offering guests a mesmerizing beach and jungle-spa experience on the coast of Mexico's Mayan Riviera. 

Palmaïa – The House of Aïa offers unmatched offerings at every domain of life. It's more than a holiday retreat. It's where. (Image courtesy of Palmaïa – The House of Aïa)

This is a place where you can get plugged-in with nature. Every soul-searcher is yearning for Holistic wellness and to provide that is Palmaïa's main purpose. 

This is unlike any generic holiday destination you've been to. The House of Aïa is filled with surprises, mysteries, and ecstatic synergy. From a hermit to a hedonist, Palmaïa has the mettle to host all. 

Architects of Life Program

The resort is inviting guests to take part in this distinguished program through which they can re-discover themselves, after what has been almost like staying locked down forever. 

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You just carry yourself to the property, and there begins a whole new journey.

Take part in one, or several life-changing series of classes available for guests, like astrology, gong baths, ancient plant rituals, tai chi, and cacao ceremonies, that will help guests to self-reflect.

Image courtesy of Palmaïa – The House of Aïa

On the resort’s 1st birthday this month, Palmaïa – The House of Aïa have just unfolded programs that include art classes, ancestral dances, and gravity control guided by Palmaïa’s healers and on-site shaman.

If you're fade-up from connecting to professional faces on Zoom meetings, it about time you connect with your soul. The Architects of Life program will give our guests an opportunity to reconnect with nature, disconnect from zoom meetings and heal the soul.

Plant-based Dining

Physical well–being should always be people's priority which at times we neglect though not purposefully always. Palmaïa promotes a healthy diet with 100% plant-based menus in all the 5 opulent dining outlets.

The food here is unlike any other retreats. Here, quench your soul cravings in 5 in-house restaurants designed to deliver the world of food to you. Flavors party on the plates colors rock, and taste simply blows in the air. Everything plant-based and cruelty-free for the ones who want that way. (Image courtesy of Palmaïa – The House of Aïa)

Palmaïa’s Executive Chef Eugenio Villafaña prepares new seasonal meals that will help the guests to nourish their physical being that will touch the soul

Palmaïa – The House of Aïa's five restaurants, bring five worlds of cuisine at your foresight. Be it takeaway of UNESCO world-heritage traditional Mexican street-food from an artisanal food truck or time at the Ume restaurant where you're treated with 'sensual fragrances, exotic flavors, and a densely rich color palate, fusing Thai cuisine.' 

Wellness Work-Away Package

You've legit worked the a** out in your home office for months. So, jumping into a saltwater pool amid your working hours is like a dream to you. Not here at Palmaïa – The House of Aïa. 

Guests can book work-away packages, this too nestled amid the lush green landscape, and can literally jump from video calls to salt-water swims. Rates start from just $7,500 per month in the Palmaïa’s Work-Away package.

From a zoom meeting, directly jump into a saltwater bath. Made possible, here, at Palmaïa – The House of Aïa (Image courtesy)

This package includes on-site IT support (internet), computer repair advice, laundry service three times per week, all daily meals, and a private beachfront suite with a terrace, built-in Bluetooth speakers. Guests can enjoy clear video-calling through high speed, fiber-optic wifi, and ethernet plugins. 

Rooms, with the complimentary sound of the sea!

Choose from a selection of several suits and rooms based on your preference. But there's one thing complimentary in all the rooms - the sound of the sea. 

Palmaïa's ocean-view suites offer an unparalleled glimpse of the sea. If you envision the majestic water sprawling in front of your eyes as soon as you wake up, this is for you. Want to enjoy the swimming experience right from the rooms, the Swim-out suits are there for you. Traveling with family, Palmaïa's Family suits can easily accommodate a cozy living for you and your loved ones. 

Where Palmaïa – The House of Aïa outshines others is with its integration of a plant-based lifestyle offering across the property and its ethos.

There are special fully vegan rooms and accommodation available for the animal and environment-conscious folks. Plant-based food is very much available. 

Waldorf Children’s programming

Children are our future. The well – being of them is very important and like all the adults, children’s life is also affected due to the pandemic as their activities have come to stagnation.

They will have an opportunity to nurture their spirit through fun, holistic children’s activities with the help of certified Waldrof Educators offered here at Palmaïa – The House of Aïa. 

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You work and enjoy, let them unravel in the meantime. 

Palmaïa will be honored to be a part of its’ guests journey and will cherish their presence to the fullest. Palmaïa ensures the utmost care of our guests. We also make sure that every bit of your desire gets fulfilled with grace and beauty.

In lieu of the pandemic-related regulations, Palmaïa has the facility for you to obtain an on-site Antigen, PCR test for COVID-19, before you take-off for your destination. For $150, guests can book an appointment, take their test, and receive results within 48-72 hours.

For reservations and bookings, visit here

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