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7 most beautiful places in the world [Roundup]


When we say the most beautiful places in the world, it doesn’t refer to just the unidirectional beauty of some common destination.

Again, it doesn’t refer to some exotic location that is too good to look at.

The definition of beauty in this article is deeper. It is in the story behind the place, the past a certain location still clings to, the time it has existed, nature, it’s ethos, and so on.

This is our roundup of the top 7 beautiful places you must visit before you die

Be it nature itself, or nature’s most amazing creation- humans, both have played interdependent roles in shaping the planet where we live in.

In making it what we call home, our darling home.

Here’s celebrating this wonderful collaboration, the eternal one, with five of the best places to visit in the world. 

1. Ice Caves, Iceland

At a glimpse, Europe’s largest ice cap would remind you of the palace of the Queen of Ice (like Disney Frozen’s Ice Elsa’s).

If you say this to your kid, they’ll surely believe. And for you, it is a natural phenomenon that forms ice caves in places like Iceland.

When geothermal energy melts the ice, such caves are formed.

The picture of Icelandic ice caves that most often circulates is of the Crystal Ice caves.

According to Arctic Adventures, this is the most famous Ice Caves in Iceland.

Located on an outlet Glacier from the Vatnajökull, in Breiðamerkurjökull, the ice tunnel unfolds the most magnificent show of lights and ice on earth.

The turquoise blue ice glimmer everywhere around, and you stand inside it. Calling it stunning is simply putting it down.

2. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

You’ll feel teeny-tiny standing on the world’s largest mirror. 

The Salar de Uyuni often referred to as one of the world’s largest mirror (natural) is legitly one of the prettiest landscapes in South America, if not the whole world.

The endless horizon will let you play with unimaginable depths of fields in photographs- one of the many aspects of this place. 

Sprawling across 4,050 sq. miles of the Altiplano, the world’s largest salt flat (like Rann of Kutch in India) is a mercy of prehistoric evaporated lakes, according to National Geographic.

When the nearby lakes overflow, the waters gather on the enormous salt flat and cover it with a thin layer of water.

This transforms the location into a giant natural mirror that reflects the sky in stunning displays. 

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is by far one of the most beautiful places in the world (Photo by Javier Collarte on Unsplash)

When it is dry, the salt bed forms polygonal patterns.

And the star-studded night sky paints a hue of blue. Simply otherworldly.

Visit the place from Dec-April, get to see the stunning mirror effect. 

You might also get a chance to stay at the world’s first hotel made up of entirely salt, located there.

For more information on trips and bookings to Bolivia, click here

3. Catacombs of Paris

Italy has been one of the best travel destinations in the world.

But it is often the glitz and glamour that attracts visitors there, and it’s great that way.

But only a few will be intrigued by the dark and legendary alleys stretching underneath the City of Love, by far one of the most unbelievable places on earth.  

Public health concerns, in the late 18th Century, led the Paris authorities to decide the fate of the city’s cemeteries, its contents to be precise.

A decision was made to transfer the contents underground- hundreds of thousands of human remains.

The authorities chose the former and deserted Tombe-Issoire quarries under the Plain of Montrouge. 

The walls of the Catacombs are spooky but the location is legendary (Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash)

By the time the decision to transfer was made the plain of Montrouge was already abandoned.

These quarries were some parts of the bigger 800-heaters labyrinth.

According to the official website, the bones from the tombs, and the common grave were transferred at night by the workers, to avoid the hostile reactions of the Parisians and the Church.

This was how the Realm of the Dead came to existence.

The Catacombs of Paris is something really worth seeing. 

From 1785-87 the first evacuations were made from the nation’s largest cemetery- the ten-centuries old Saints-Innocents cemetery.

131 steps underground, at a depth of an inverted 5-storied building, the eerie location reportedly attracts nearly more than half a million visitors yearly.

Previously it was open only with prior appointment. Now it is open to the public. 

4. The Great Pyramids of Giza

Perhaps one of the most common mentions, yet often overlooked.

There is hardly anybody who hasn’t heard about the Great Pyramids of Giza.

But not many know what makes these pyramids The Great and one of the most interesting places on earth. 

The engineering marvel of the pyramids complex, be it ancient,  is so impressive, that to date it continues to baffle scientists.

Pyramids join the list of the most beautiful places in the world owing it’s past (Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)

Despite a lot has been known about the people who built it, the powers they needed to do so, and so on, concert facts are still distant.

The pyramids are made from two million blocks of stone which are employed unimaginably precisely as per the standards of the time. 



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The granite slabs in the King’s chamber, for instance, are so humongous, that even as per modern scientific logistics, it remains impossible to decipher how such massive stones were precisely raised and put on its place, at that time, according to the Ancient History Encyclopedia. 

Reaching a height of 479 feet (base- 754 feet), these hard-to-believe man-made structures were the world’s biggest, useless Paris’ Eifel Tower was completed.

The living relic of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, these monumental structures were built some 4500 years ago- and it seems they’re made to last an eternity. 

The Egyptian Pharaohs believed in becoming gods in the afterlife.

And the gigantic pyramid tombs were made for themselves to contain supplies they’d need to sustain their journies in the afterlife. 

The pyramids of Egypt is a living relic, connecting us with history (Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash)

A number of theories surround the construction of these massive structures, like the ‘ramp’ theory and the ‘fringe’ theory, all of which are often discredited.

Some of the theories even touch extra-terrestrial visits.

New theories suggest, the Egyptians built the Pyramids of Giza using technologies so common to them, they didn’t even feel the need to record. 

Despite all these, the meticulousness of the built, its preciseness to the cardinal points, the intricacy of the King’s and Queen’s chambers, time and again fuels the fringe theories. 

5. The Black Forest, Germany

Writer Mark Twain in A Tramp Abroad wrote about Schwarzwald, the local name for the fabled Black Forest:

“Here you lose track of time in ten minutes and the world in twenty.”

It’s probably darker than your favorite black forest cake and ice-cream.

And this a definitely one of the most unique places to visit on our list. 

Take your children to Germany’s Black Forest, and tell them it is where their fairy-tale and bedtime stories come from.

They’ll relieve the story in real-time in this fascinating place. 

A trip to Germany’s Black Forest can prove it is one of the most beautiful places in the world (Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash)

An assortment of winding valleys, spectacular lakes, thick woodlands, quaint little villages, meadows, and waterfalls, the Black Forest is so-called because of a sprawling forest of thick-deep evergreens. 

The Southwest Germany mountain range, where the forest is located, is also known to be the home of the fairy-tale staple cuckoo-clocks (still made in the region), storybook-like villages with tiled roofs, thermal spas in Baden-Baden (in the north-west borders of the Black Forest). 

The forest gets its name primarily from the 100-mile stretch of super-dense pine trees, where sunlights struggles to touch the forest floors. 

6. The Great Barrier Reef

Calling it the most breathtaking place on earth would be an understatement, given its status of the only living being visible from space  (Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash)

If you’re a traveler chasing beauty of a location adds Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in your list right away.

Calling it the most breathtaking place on earth would be an understatement, given its status of the only living being visible from space.

Yes, it is that big.

It is one of the world’s seven natural wonders but unfortunately is heavily under the fire of climate change. 


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It is the world’s largest biodiversity, housing over a thousand species of fuses, corals, turtles, crabs and so many other fascinating creatures.

Ask what makes it so big to be visible from space?

Well, the Great Barrier Reef is 1800 miles long in size, starting from the east coast of Queensland to Bundaberg in the south.

7. New York City

The pinnacle of civilization, New York City is a must-visit destination in this world (Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash)

Wondering how does a megacity qualifies for the list of the most beautiful places in the world? Why not?

The pinnacle of civilization, the City that never sleeps’ pushes the limits of humankind every day.

Be it the city’s traffic, skyscrapers, iconic Statue of Liberty, the bright yellow taxis never-ending rush of pedestrians in the Time Square, where time seems to stop, and so many other aspects of New York City.

It is a must-visit to realize how far humans have reached, what boundaries humankind has crossed, what is yet to be achieved.

This was our round-up for the most beautiful places in the world. Which was your favorite? Have you been to any of these? For information on Holiday packages in these locations, get in touch with us. 


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