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10 Best Travel Apps You Must Install While Traveling


With the onset of technology, traveling has become much more manageable.

Traveling folks are just a few steps away from certain magical and the best travel apps in their smart devices by which they can experience a hassle-free holiday.

We have decided to compile a list of some basic yet essential travel apps for android or iOS that you must download before you head out for your next trip.

Do note that some functionalities of some apps are restricted by region and local policies.

The list below contains an alphabetically arranged list of the best travel apps:


Well, for obvious reasons, who doesn’t want ‘home in the world’?

Traveling is a lot peaceful when your accommodation space is secure.

How many of you have faced problems with shoddy rooms, which almost ruined your trip?

I am sure, many.

Screenshot via Airbnb/

But with apps like Airbnb, you can be assured to get the best places to stay.

Plus, there is a range of options to select from.

You chose where you stay without any hassle.

By far, it is one of the most well-known travel accommodation service providers.

Airbnb for Android. Airbnb for iOS

Apple Music/ Spotify

Music is the soul of life. Ling journeys can be tedious, even if you travel in a luxury commute.

With sizzling numbers added to your music library, all your travel blues (if you have any) will run away.

We suggest Apple Music (we are biased) for its sheer brilliance of quality and the range of music genres it provides in return for a subscription.

Screenshot via Apple Music/

Any song in the world comes at Apple Music on priority. There’re brilliant pre-curated playlists for on-the-go listening.

You can even download the favorite songs in the app for offline usage.

iPhone owners will already have the app pre-installed. And Android owners could download the app from Google Play Store.

If for any means, Apple Music doesn’t come handy, you can go for Spotify – a free equivalent to Apple Music.

The overall experience is close to the former, if not the same.

The best thing, it is free to use, with an option to subscribe.

Apple Music for Android. Spotify for Android. Spotify for iOS.


Although it’s not a necessity, yet this app comes to enormous help when you go for adventure trips or solo trips.

Imagine getting lost in an unknown location with a compass guiding you!

Thrilling, right?

Screenshot via Digital Compass/

It only takes a little space in your phone but can be used in many ways.

Furthermore, it is always wise to keep a compass.

You never know when you might end up needing one.

There are several compass apps out there. iPhone users already have Apple’s compass pre-installed.

Android users can go with the link we’ve given, which is based on overall user experience and quality.

Compass for Android.

Culture Trip

An informed traveler is a gainer. Before heading out to explore a new destination, it helps a lot to have pre-knowledge about the location.

For instance, when you are traveling to a particular destination, use culture Trip, or similar platforms to gather information about the most visited place, cuisine, attractions of places.

When you reach the location, you will already have a bucket list.

Plus, your holidays will be much more unique.

Screenshot via Culture Trip/

Culture Trip is one of the most rated and the best travel apps for ios as it is for android.

And legitly so, with the most extensive and in-depth data about different locations of the world, Culture Trip is certainly worth downloading.

The app even markets itself as a travel app for the curious that goes beyond cultural insights into more in-depth, unique attraction recommendations based on a specific location, award-winning travel stories, and much more.

Culture Trip for Android. Culture Trip for iOS.


Trust us when we say that knowing specific local phrases and terms helps you a lot.

Just use this app to quickly learn some local words and see the difference in your interaction with the locals.

Screenshot via Duolingo/

When local people find that travelers are interested in their culture and language, they tend to become more hospitable.

It’s a psychological trick…Works all the time, and you get to learns a new language (if only a little bit).

Duolingo claims to be scientifically curated and designed for aid in learning a new language.

It is easy to use, has a smile and clean interface, and could be a high time pass while waiting on the airport lounge at the same time leaning some Franch or Mandarin vocals to be ready.

Duolingo for Android. Duolingo for iOS.


This is nothing short of a magical app that helps you connect with your friends and family, even in different countries, without an internet connection.

Screenshot via Rebtel/

Yes, you heard that right.

Without having to obtain a local SIM card, the app seamlessly connects with the local telephone connections and lets you to over 50 countries globally.

No extra money for purchasing a local connection.

Rebtel is one of the best international travel apps among other traveling apps for Android and iOS.

Rebtel for Android. Rebtel for iOS.


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Google lens

This versatile app is convenient to search for local items that you have no idea about.

Although the lens feature is preinstalled in some phones, the app is much better.

You can translate texts on the go, you can find restaurants serving dishes that you put in the lens, and you can shop for a thing online just by placing your camera on a random item.

The scope of this app is endless.

Screenshot via Google lense/

Most new Android phones come with this app pre-installed. However, you can always download it in your Android device doesn’t have.

For iPhone users, the process is a little different.

They’ve got to download the Google App to gain access to the lens feature.

But believe us, you’ll never regret downloading the Google app.

Google Lens for Android. Google Lens for iOS.

Google Translate

I have personally used Google Translate to speak to people who do not know my language.

All I did was record my sentence on the app, and it translated to the language of the person with whom I want to interact.

Gone are the days when the language barrier ruined a lot of scenes.

Screenshot via Google lense/

You do not have to make futile attempts of frustrating gestures when you have this app.

For me, this is one of the best travel apps for android since if you travel internationally you’ve got to communicate to them, and this app can help you with it.

Google Translate for Android. Google Translate for iOS.


Tipping customs range from country to country. In some countries, it is considered impolite.

In others, not tipping is impolite.

Whatever the case is, it is always wise to know the customs beforehand.

Screenshot via Piper/

This exclusive travel app for iOS has a database of over 80 countries globally for you to access.

The best part? You can access that offline. No more embarrassment while hiring a car or leaving a restaurant.

Piper for iOS.

Maven (car rental app, international)

Car rental services have become much-advanced thanks to apps like Maven.

They provide a range of cars like a sedan or compact cars.

Now you don’t have to rely on anyone to book your commute for you.

Image via Maven/

This is one of the most important and must have travel apps for Android and iOS device. It is just a click away with a variety of options to choose from.

The car will be yours for a week or a few days based on your needs.

So that you know, Maven is available for the US and Canada.

Maven for Android. Maven for iOS.


How can this list of essential travel apps be complete without Uber in it?

Perhaps the most popular taxi hiring app.

Uber needs no explanation.

Just keep the app with you for any emergency or even for your daily taxi services.

Screenshot via Uber/

Uber taxis are operative in major towns and cities across the globe and solve all your short-distance travel needs.

Plus, they’re quite competitive in price points as well.

Uber for Android. Uber for iOS.

As we wrap up our list of top 10 best travel apps, we sincerely hope that these can help you in any way it can.

Just think of us when it does, and we want nothing more but a smile on your face. Happy traveling!

For best holiday packages, travel queries, ticketing, visa, and other stuff get in touch with us.


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