Top 5 travel photography tips and techniques to slay your Instagram feed

Top 5 Travel Photography Tips and Techniques

Most GenX travelers are equally excited about taking good pics as they for traveling to a new destination.

And understandably so. With our smartphone more and more equipped with high-end cameras, we are spoilt with the greed of good pics.

One does not need to be a professional to take good pictures today.

With a little know-how of some travel photography tips and techniques, we all can click eyeball grabbing pic on our next vacation.

Hop on our photography tips ride today.

5 Outstanding Travel Photography Tips From The Masters

To be very honest, this subject is vast.

Like a whole-course vast.

People take up travel photography as a professional course.

And perhaps there is no way to click images like the ones you see on the likes of National Geographic without learning it professionally.

A lot goes into images that you keep gawking at.

Such images are visual storytelling of travel photos.

They are so expressive that in some cases you won’t realize how long you’ve been looking at it.

According to National Geographic, research before heading to a destination plays a key role in clicking striking pictures.

We know it doesn’t need that level of imagery for regular Instagram posting, nonetheless, it is always good to have a few tricks up the sleeves.

Keep reading to learn a few important principals of travel photography.

Here are some preliminary and basic travel photography tips to start with:

#RULE 1 – Master The Light And Shadow

Use natural light to your advantage.

It is a well- known fact that light makes your pictures come to life.

While for landscape photography this holds true, when you want to focus on a subject, too much light can be a no-no.

Travel Photography Techniques
A good balance of light and shadow can give surreal effect in images (Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash)

To balance the excessive light from the sun you can try toggling on the flash to balance the exposure.

For areas where there is just enough light, hold your camera from the source of the light and not towards it, be it sun or an artificial light source.

Take the shot without flash.

#RULE 2 – Play With The Props

It is not always necessary to have some high-end editing apps to add dimension to your photos.

You can use simple props available at your disposal to create mesmerizing photos.

For instance, use a colorful umbrella to cast colorful hues over your subject.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle some water on your lens to give a magical twist to your photo.

Travel Photography Tips
Props add character to otherwise dull images (Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash)

Light, shadow, tinted windows, mirrors, etc. can add a twist to your regular pics.

The options are endless. Just let your imagination run wild and see the magic.

#RULE 3 – The line rule for landscapes

Keep the line rule in mind when you click a landscape.

The line rule simply means that your pictures must have a linear arrangement.

Travel Photography Techniques and Tips
Notice the straight horizon perfectly aligned with the picture’s frames (Photo by Mickey O’neil on Unsplash)

For instance when you take a picture, see to it that your subjects are in a straight line, either vertically or horizontally.

Do not add an unnecessary angle to your picture.

Try to have either a vertically aimed shot or horizontally aimed shot.


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Always remember, symmetrical photos are more appealing than asymmetrical ones. Your subject/s must have the proper distance between spaces.

#RULE 4 – Be candid. Be confident. Master travel photography

Always try to take natural photos.

Remember that candid photos are the best.

When you shoot a person, make them comfortable first.

Do not let them get camera-conscious. It totally ruins their natural beauty.

Remember each and everybody is unique and beautiful in their own way.

You just have to capture the raw beauty and make it immortal through your photos.

Tips and Techniques for Traveling Photography
Be as much natural as you can and images will turn out superb (Photo by Loren Joseph on Unsplash)

Avoid using face and body enhancing filters to take your photos.

If needed adjust your angle of standing or sitting instead of artificially enhancing them.

Once you keep your photos of travel real and candid, they exude an instant charm.

Thank me later for this tip.

#RULE 5 – The rule of thirds in travel photography

Remember the “Rule of Thirds”.

To put it to simple terms, keep one-third of your frame dedicated to the background.

For instance, if you want to click someone standing on a beach, you can keep the subject to one side of the frame and leave enough space for the background which in this case is the ocean and the sky.

Traveling Photography Techniques
Keep enough space for other things while shooting with humans in the picture (Photo by Andrew Ly on Unsplash)

When we see a picture, our mind subconsciously searches for the background.

So keeping in mind the “Rule of Thirds”, you can take mesmerizing travel photos to be it portrait or landscape.

Just keep your focus balanced.

Coming to the end of the list I hope these travel photography tips will help you make some really good shots when you head out next.

Pictures are lifetime memories.

Keep traveling and keep making awesome memories!

Bonus Tips

Photographs are supposed to instigate the same stream of feelings, trigger the memories of being in the location actually, while seeing them, the National Geographic writes.

To do that, they recommend to list out the reasons why you’ve chosen that place in the first place.

Gather as much information about the place as possible.

Next, once you arrive, look around carefully.

The place you’ve read about so much, now you’re physically there.

They recommend taking notes of the first impressions.

Whatever strikes you, taken notes.

“First impressions are invaluable sparks to creative interpretation, and by definition are not repeatable.

You’ve seen the place in pictures, you’ve read about it.

Now you’re there, and all your senses can partake,” National Geographic writes.

Then, start roaming. Go unchained.

Get lost.

Don’t eat where tourists do.

Take off routs (but with caution), Keep the camera ready, all the time since “Serendipity plays an enormously important role in travel photography.”

For landscapes

Identify the type of landscape, the emotions it triggers physically.

Try to keep that in the photograph.

Like a beach full of people will be the best shot in bright sunlight.

And a rocky coast at a dark and overcast day.

For architecture

Get the idea of the architecture, its history, significance, and try to sustain them on the image to make click Instagram worthy pictures.

Say like a war fortress would look better clicked at stormy weather than bright sunshine and so on.

For cityscapes

National Geographic suggests three basic things for city and town photography – a wide shot of the place, including the skyline, special architecture of the place, and life of the inhabitants.

For friends and family

It is pretty much the rule of thirds.

Try to keep a sense of the place while taking the picture. It is important.

Or else the essence of the place will lose.

For strangers

be courteous before involving strange in photographs.

People in different places react differently to outsiders taking their photographs.

It is always best to take their permission first and make sure they’re not intimidated.

Then, while tacking the picture try to keep life and scale in images with strangers.

So whether you are looking for best shots Instagram or some notable travel photography to keep, this was your read.