BREAKING: Tomorrowland 2020 announces location change. It is going virtual

Tomorrowland 2020 Announces Location Change It Is Going Virtual - We The World Magazine
Tomorrowland – Around The World

Where is the next Tomorrowland 2020? World-famous Belgian electronic dance music festival Tomorrowland has announced that the major event will be held virtually using pioneering technology accessible by all. There will be a ‘time-zone friendly’ version as well, for North/South America and Asia visitors.

“With a lot of pain in our hearts, we have to inform you that Tomorrowland cannot take place in 2020. We understand and support the governmental order that has just been issued. The 16th edition of Tomorrowland will take place in the summer of 2021 (July 16–18 and July 23–25),” Tomorrowland said in a statement on April 15th. But now there’s a surprise.

Tomorrowland Around The World, as the new digital version of the music festival is being called, will be available to surf on July 24th Saturday and July 25th Sunday, according to the official statement. They are seeking to make the festival accessible with all and not just in Belgium, irrespective of borders, and pioneer “the future of digital music festivals.”

According to Tomorrowland, worldwide communities have urged to do something with the two sold-out weekends of the event, which lead to the unraveling of this digital platform.

Co-founder of Tomorrowland, Michiel Beers said: “For us it’s a bit re-inventing the festival experience, but we truly believe that we can bring the spirit of Tomorrowland and entertainment at the highest level to people and homes around the globe.”

Reflecting on the current trends the Co-founder said that he hopes small Tomorrowland gathering will be made in people’s homes. Owing to the international pandemic, the physical music festival was officially canceled after Belgium banned large scale gatherings until 31s August.

We hope that hundreds of thousands of people will unite in a responsible way and that small Tomorrowland gatherings at people’s homes – from Canada to Australia, from Japan to Brazil and everywhere in between – will be organized,” Beers added.

Tomorrowland 2020: Accessible to all

By the sound of the new platform, it seems something extraordinary is awaiting for the Tomorrowland lovers. The new technologically advanced platform will be accessible via phones, tablets, and PCs and will allow users to interact, navigate uniquely. All these, sans the need for VR and goggles.

The festival will feature 8 diffrent stages including Elixir, Atmosphere, Core and Freedom Stage along with 3 other stages developed by Tomorrowland 3D artists and creative teams.

Tomorrowland – Around The World “…It’s a bit re-inventing the festival experience, but we truly believe that we can bring the spirit of Tomorrowland and entertainment at the highest level to people and homes around the globe…” Co-founder Michiel Beers.

“Each stage will feature music from the world’s best artists in dance and electronic music – catering to all different genres – and a large portion of fireworks and laser shows characteristic of Tomorrowland. As icing on the cake this year’s iconic Mainstage, embodying the theme of 2020 ‘The Reflection of Love – Chapter 1’, will be unveiled grandly to the world for the first time during Tomorrowland Around The World,” the Tomorrowland states.

The event will be accessible exclusively on this website. Line-up will be announced on June 15th an ticket sales start from June 18th. Day tickets will cost € 12.50, while weekend tickets will be priced at  € 20.00 which will include on-demand video content for a week to relive the show.

(Cover image courtesy of Tomorrowland)