Toddler hoisted up in the sky by an enormous kite in Taiwan

Toddler hoisted up in the sky by an enormous kite in Taiwan - We The World Magazine
Image is a screengrab from YouTube

A little girl, 3, had to partake in an unwanted thrill early on her life after she was accidentally hoisted up in the sky by an enormous kite dring Taiwan’s kite festival.

The incident took place in Taiwan’s Hsinchu’s Nanliao Harbor on Sunday (Aug. 30) during a festival, while a strong gush of wind violently blew up the child who was entangled with the kite string, up into the air.

The northwestern city is famous for its high winds and footage of the incident published by Taiwanese media shows the girl flying in the blue in front of horrified onlookers and workers trying to grab the child.

The child was hoisted up into the air, where she swan violently for a good 30 seconds, quite high up in the open before landing safely (Image is a screengrab from YouTube)

Initially, a huge crowd cheered the launch of the enormous orange kite but soon the cheers turned into shrieks of terror as people realized a child was also hoisted up with it.

Based on the videos that surfaced on Taiwanese social media, the girl swang violently in the sky for several seconds, before being pulled back to the group by the workers. The child was reportedly unharmed and suffered some minor scratches.

Following the incident, the kite festival was called-off, with the city Mayor issuing an apology to the victim and assuring investigation on the matter to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The organizer of the kite festival, which was celebrating its 4th anniversary, Chen Ko-fang told Taiwan News that kids are usually kept at a distance from the huge kites until it is airborne.

But in the case of the Sunday’s incident, organizers did not expect a high wind to sweep in, which reportedly measured at level 7 on the Beaufort Scale or 50-60 km/ph.

The kite was supposed to carry candies that would be released in the sir for children to catch.