Omiai hack: top Japan dating app hack affects 1.7 million

Tokyo, Japan: A cyberattack may have exposed the personal data of over a million users of one of Japan's most popular dating apps, according to the app's operator.

The Omiai app's developer, Net Marketing Co, claimed it discovered unauthorized access to the server that stored member data in April.

"We have learned that it is very likely that some member information was leaked due to unauthorized access," the company said in a statement.

Between April 20 and April 26, images of driving licences and passports that had been submitted for age verification were among the data stolen, according to the business.

According to the company, 1.71 million users were affected, with some of them no longer enrolled with the service.

Because credit card information is processed separately through a financial institution, it was not affected.

Net Marketing's stock dropped 19.34 percent on Monday after the news was communicated in a statement late Friday.

Omiai, which is called after the Japanese word for matching, is one of the most popular dating applications in the country, focusing on long-term relationships.

According to April figures, it had 6.89 million subscribers.

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