Facebook to allow in-app audio listening with Spotify

New York, United States: Facebook is expanding its collaboration with Spotify to create a mechanism for listening to complete songs within the social network, which has recently focused on audio offerings.

Starting Monday, paying Spotify users in 27 countries, including the United States, will be able to listen to audio content – including full music tracks and podcasts – on Facebook, through a mini player that allows for continued scrolling inside the networking app.

The transition was described as a "natural next step" in Facebook's partnership with Spotify. In 2019, the companies agreed to allow short Spotify music clips to be shared on Facebook Stories.

The announcement comes only a week after Facebook announced the addition of podcasts and "live audio rooms" in response to competition from the rapidly growing audio-based app Clubhouse.

More than 170 million people are linked to Facebook podcast pages, and 35 million are members of podcast fan groups, but listening to one previously meant leaving the social network.

Facebook also announced plans to begin testing Live Audio Rooms, with the functionality expected to be accessible to all users by the middle of this year.

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