Feeling bored? 10 ways Google Assistant can keep you engaged

Kolkata, India: Stuck at home, having nothing to do is perhaps the situation of the masses. Work done, household chores done, and maybe everything else is wrapped up, and you find yourself in a gnawing moment of nothingness. 

You're even done exercising, also you've just finished a good book; cooking done, dusting taken care of, and you're literally out of work.

Let's accept, even amid a mountain of pending work to take care of, we do sometimes feel we're out of chores. 

What if an excellent someone is waiting for your command in your pocket, or beside you, in your smartphone, who could simply brighten your moods, lift your spirits and maybe even inform you about the current affairs. 

If you're already guessing it is one of the many virtual voice assistants, then let's correct you. It's Google Assistant we're talking about, not someone else. 

Sorry, Siri, Cortana, Bixby, Alexa fans, this post is biased and biased for a simple fact: Google Assistant is by far the most intelligent, and accurate virtual voice assistant one can get hands-on with when it comes to casual conversation. 

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While Alexa might be the best choice when it comes to cross-device compatibility; Apple's Siri when it comes to language support and customization, and Samsung's Bixby...well...for Samsung device owners, Google's Assistant just blows them up when it comes to the accuracy of answers, and simple intel. 

Search for the phrase 'which is the best virtual voice assistant for Android' all the list posts will include Google's version despite there's Alexa and Bixby (along with others) available for the same platform. 

Virtual assistants can never replace human companionship, but a smart one can truly come to your aid at gloomy times like this. 

We The World Magazine takes a dip into Google Assistant, and shares 10 ways you can use the masterpiece of speech recognition AI implemented in your Android Smartphone to whizz past boredom

You can also treat this post as an answer to 'how to use Google Assistant,' or 'how to get the most out of Google Assistant?' 

1. Ask your Google Assistant 'how are you?' 

The best way to begin a convo with the super-smart bot in your Android smartphone is by asking 'how are you?' 

The answer could be anything from 'I've had an exciting day looking up some fun things to do, how may I help you,?' to "Wonderful, how may I help?" 

She just needs a word from you to begin a conversation. So you may just start with anything you like. Rest assured, her responses are always amicable, nothing like the ones to shut you up! 

2. Ask 'What are you doing?' 

And the answer could be something like the first lines of poetry that she'll read out and say she was reading and then ask you back, 'would you like to hear one?' 

She just knows how to get you talking, so don't be worried, she'll find a way to call you to take action. 

What is interesting, as you ask her something, she will not only verbally suggest you a call-to-action, but will also flash clickable buttons just above the navigation bar of your phone, that you can use for actions. 

During our case, she read out Tagore's famous poem 'Where the mind is without fear' and asked her if we wanted to hear more. 

3. Ask her to 'wish (me) happy birthday if it's the day

If it's your birthday or someone you love, just ask the Gooogle Assistant to do the honors, and she'll be more than happy. 

More the most cases, the assistant will sing the famous 'Happy birthday to you for you. She'll then suggest 'clap for me' and she'll just do that, and if you're still not satisfied, she can also laugh at you, just ask her. 

On a side note, do Assistant a favor, and tell her 'it's my birthday.' After she's done wishing you, she'll ask you if you want her to remember the same from next time. You should say 'yes.' 

4. Ask her 'who's better, you, or Apple's Siri' 

It might be a controversial question, but hey, it fun!

You'll be simple blown away with Google's witty response to the hot question. 

We'll not paste it here, because we want you to take the fun, first-hand. Just ask her, "who's better, you or Apple Siri." You might as well, replace the 'Apple Siri,' with Bixby or Alexa, and get equally mind-blowing answers. 

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We guarantee, the answer will lift your moods. And don't worry if your Apple-lover (Bixby/ Alexa-lover) friend is nearby; his sentiments will be masterfully taken care of. 

5. Ask Google Assistant: 'Tell me a joke.'

'Why should you not write with the broken pencil?' the Assistant may ask you. The answer it would give is: 'because it's pointless,' followed by audio of a laughing crowd. 

Just ask 'Tell me a joke,' and you'll be surely hitting the 'one more' button under the UI for more random jokes cracked by the AI. It's really fun, believe us. 

6. Did you say: 'Google I love you'

If you've not tried saying this classic controversial sentence, just try it already, nobody is harmed. And as you say so, be ready to get witty responses from Google.

She absolutely knows how to keep you literally hooked with her. 

7. 'Hey Google, entertain me!'

As soon as you say this, the Assistant presents a stack of different programs made especially for children like Mickey Mouse Adventure, Strangest Day Ever, and Cars Adventure.

As soon as you click on any one of those, the principal character of your choice, like Lightning McQueen from Cars or Mickey from Mickey Mouse Adventures will begin an interactive voice-over that could keep your child, or you engaged. 

8. Ask Google: 'Read me the news...'

...And Google will begin reading probably from one of the best outlets in the world, like the BBC Minutes in the form of bite-sized headlines podcast played from your phone's speakers. 

You can also drag left for more outlets of your choice, like C|Net for tech news, Tech News Today, and more. 

9. Ask Google random questions and be swept off by her wit

This is probably for the third or fourth time I am highlighting Google's 'wit' in this story, and believe me it is witty.

You can try asking her random questions like 'will I grow rich?' or 'can you give me money,' and even 'what do you eat,' to which the clever bot will answer she takes 'megabytes,' with a wink and laugh emoji. 

Other questions you can ask are like:

'Do you have a boyfriend?'

'Will I get married?'

'Who came first, egg or chicken?'

'Do you love me?'

'What are you wearing?'

'How old are you?'

'Who made you?'

The Assistant is all yours, and be creative with what you ask. 

10. Tell Google to remember something about you, and ask her what was it

It's just for fun. Tell google 'remember (......) about me,' and your Assistant will remember that. Next, whenever you're bored, just ask 'what did I ask you to remember about me?' and its a fun to hear/ see them back from the bot. 

Also, you can try saying 'random fun', and the Google bot will flash a random fun, like a poem, a quote, a line from someone, and more.

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You can also subscribe to random fun daily. Just say, 'send me Brandon fun daily' and Google will ask what time of the day you'd want it. Set it, and you're done. 

The final verdict is that you can perform over 1 million actions from Google Assistant according to the makers. Check out this page for more information. 

Let us know in the comments what do you think, and if you agree Google Assistant is the best voice AI out there. 

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