Sweden riots: Anti-Islam protest sparked violent outrage in Malmo; Indians relate

Sweden riots: Anti-Islam protest sparked violent outrage in Malmo; Indians relate - We The World Magazine
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Sweden riots: hundreds of protestors came to the streets of the Swedish city of Malmo, late on Friday night, after a far-Right Danish politician was prohibited from holding a Koran-burning session on the streets, multiple media reports confirm.

An estimated 300 protestors wreaked havoc in the city after a Right-wing rally earlier in the same day held for an apparently blasphemous protest.

Dramatic pictures from the aftermath of the attack show tires burning on the streets, and plumes of smoke batter the entire region and protestors reportedly pelted stones at police who tried to control the mob.

Sweden riots: Anti-Islam protest sparked violent outrage in Malmo; Indians relate (Image via Twitter)

The outburst was followed by a rally earlier on Friday where far-right extremists reportedly set the Koran – Islam’s holy book – on fire after the leader of a far-Right Danish political party was arrested prior to their scheduled protest in the town, police spokesman Rickard Lundqvist told Swedish tabloid Expressen.

According to WION, the far-Right Danish political leader Rasmus Paludan of Hard-Line party was set to give a speech at an event that coincided with the weekly Islam prayers of Sabbath. He would urge people to burn the Koran.

On the same day, other anti-Islam demonstrations took place as well, including three men kicking a copy of the Koran between themselves in the city center, daily newspaper Daily Aftonbladet reported.

‘We don’t have this under control but we are working actively to take control. We see a connection between what is happening now and what happened earlier today,‘ a police spokesperson told media.

The Hard Line leader, known for his anti-Islam rhetoric was banned from Sweden for two years, authorities said.

“So much violence in the name of religion?!”

Several noted Indian public figures spoke out on the recent Sweden riots, outlining how both the outbreaks show a similar pattern of outbursts.

In India, earlier this month, protesters went on an arson spree in the South Indian city of Bangalore where they burned and overturned many cars, set fire on properties, over an alleged ‘blasphemous’ post by a politician on Facebook regarding Islam. At least three people were killed.

Areas in the city’s Pulakeshinagar assembly constituency wore a ‘war-time’ look with charred vehicles lined-up up on the street side, after protestors, irked over the religiously sensitive Facebook post burnt things down.

Sweden riots: Anti-Islam protest sparked violent outrage in Malmo; Indians relate (Image via Twitter)

“In this week itself I saw plenty of videos and pictures humiliating Hindu Gods, even using our holy books as toilet paper, we didn’t hurt a single innocent being, love this tolerance of Hinduism but intolerance of Islam has made me stop going to mosques, SHAME.. #Swedenriots,” Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut wrote on Twitter.

“The same pattern was seen in #DelhiRiots #bangaloreriots they first offend you and when you retort they get super offended burndown and kill everyone who hasn’t offended anyone,” she continued in another tweet following clap emojis.

“Bengaluru or Sweden, No difference. The reason for the problem is only one,” Indian cricketer Arjun yadav tweeted.

“Big lesson for Indians who are against the CAA/NRC and want India to open their borders for all immigrants. Think again and react wisely,” BJP state spokesperson wrote on Twitter.

“Shocking and Tragic visuals from Sweden… So much violence in the name of religion?!” Indian TV journalist Richa Anirudh wrote on Twitter.

Te riot escalated as the evening wore in but subsided by early morning Saturday. In India #Swedenriots was trending. Here are some tweets:

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