Size matters: Study finds taller people are at double the risk of contacting COVID-19

Size matters: Study finds taller people are at double the risk of contacting COVID-19 - We The World Magazine

A study has found people over the height of 6-feet are at more than double the risk of contacting the novel coronavirus than those who are shorter.

The research, involving a survey of 2000 people from the UK and the US, was undertaken by a team of international researchers including scientists from the University of Manchester and Open University.

The researchers in the survey sought to determine if personal attributes, lifestyle and work practices aggravate the chances of contacting the novel coronavirus.

The team found taller people are at more risk from being diagnosed with COVID-19, which the researchers say is because their height makes a difference in the chances of catching the virus exclusively via droplets, The Telegraph reports.

Droplet transmission is one of the trajectories the disease spreads from an infected person to a healthy individual.

“The results of this survey in terms of associations between height and diagnosis suggest downward droplet transmission is not the only transmission mechanism and aerosol transmission is possible,” Professor Kontopantelis explained.

Researchers behind the study say other studies have previously confirmed this but their method of confirmation is new. They are also calling air-purification in interiors to be further explored as prevention for droplet transmission.

The study is yet to be peer-reviewed, but the backers of the research claim information derived will help in devising better precaution guidance.

Professor Paul Anand, a research director at the Open University stressed the need for identifying the “role of personal factors as predictors of transmission,” adding that previous “research has focused on patterns of spread and underlying mechanisms of transmission.”

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