VIDEO: Dramatic moment when the Statue of Liberty is struck by massive thunder

VIDEO: Dramatic moment when the Statue of Liberty is struck by a massive thunder - We The World Magazine

A dramatic video is making rounds on the internet showing the legendary Lady Liberty statue in New York City withstanding a massive thunderbolt, that was captured on camera.

The Statue, one of the most iconic fugues of the American sentiment of freedom, and stands tall amid the New York and New Jersey Harbour.

The outstanding footage was captured and uploaded on Twitter by Mikey Cee who captioned her video as: “The best video I ever captured,” and indeed it is!

With a backdrop of swirling dark clouds, the majestic statue stands tall, unhindered by the apparently violent weather. Suddenly a massive bold of thunder struck the statue from the right at the base, but after it is gone, Lady Liberty still stands undefeated.

Watch it below:

The video has been viewed for 1.3 million times an over. In the same day, another Twitter user shared a striking picture o that point while a lightning strikes the New York City during a thunderstorm.

If reports are to be believed, the Statue of Liberty, made from half-a-million tons of steel and copper is hit by 600 flashes of lightning annually. What do you think about the outstanding video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.