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The essence of true love – what is real love?


To start a movement on love – In order to bring an end to degrading relationships, societal chaos, poverty, illness, and the devastation of nature, we need to initiate a movement on true love. But what is real love?

Each individual on the planet has their own perception of love. However, for all of humanity to integrate and awaken, it is essential to understand love rather than to love.

True love is an essence, unlike the ordinary which is superficial and very emotional. We feel a desire to be close to a person and then we say, ‘I am in love’ or ‘I love that person’.

It is only a way of expressing a subtle desire to escape from the bitterness of life. Since the vast ocean of love which is all-pervading is not understood or known to the individual, so the flow of love one day gets restrained by hatred on another day. 

The essence of true love – what is real love? (Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

One day you are so committed to the person and then on another day, you ignore the same person. At one time the person who was so busy to beautifully dress up with impressive words and actions, the same person becomes so ugly drowned with his own sentiments and feelings.

This is because love is not known from the core of one’s true self. To know love, one has to seek the infinite, the source from which the essence generously gushes out to all creation.

Once this is understood, you no more feel that you need to be loved. Rather, you become so brimful that you only want to pour out love because you have so much of it.

What is real love? Love is not a thought

If you have a thought that you love a person, that is not called love. This is only a thought and thought changes. This love has born out of some emotion, or some incidents, or some memories. These are all conditional.

When the condition changes, the feelings also change. Love is lost.  This love between two persons is like viewing a bucket being filled with tap water but the bucket has a tiny hole at the bottom. 

Once you close the tap, the bucket apparently seems to be full, which actually is empty. It cannot keep on holding the water. 

Only when you get to know the source of the well of love, then you have no more memories to get yourself disturbed. One needs to evoke the spirit of love from within to heal oneself of what has been created and attracted on the outside.   

Different people come into our lives in different roles, either to get love or to give love. If one has more, then naturally she/he would want to give, and the one who has a lack of it would always be craving for it. 

However, in the case of partners, if both are beggars, then conflict prevails. Buddhist nun Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma gave a stunningly clear insight on how we tend to confuse love with attachment. How every time we end up thinking we’re ‘in love’ while what we get into is attachment.

Love is unworldly

But if you have known the most real and profound love, you will know that it is not something of this world. The touch of this unworldly essence within you brings all the happiness in your life.

Whoever receives this blessing, there remains no doubt, no conflict, no hatred, and no anger in him. The simple method of ‘I love you.’

Joe Vitale, the author of Zero Limits, says in his book that Dr. Hew Len, who had given him the profound gift for developing a relationship with the Divine, had started to show Joe the path by a simple method of saying ‘I love you’ to all the errors in life. 

An extract of a conversation with Dr. Hew Len, from the book demonstrating the simple Truth, may be of help to many, who of course have the intention to go to the Source to receive the benediction of getting the life healing properties.

“………… Despite my confusion, I did my best to practice what I understood.  The easiest thing to do was simply say “I love you” all the time.  So I did. 

When I went to the bathroom one evening, I felt the beginning of a urinary tract infection.  I said, “I love you” to the Divine while sensing the infection. I soon forgot about it and by morning it was gone.”

The essence of true love – what is real love? (Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash)

The author mentioned that by trying Dr. Hew Len’s method to say “I love you” is actually a process of cleaning all the errors in life. 

No matter what happens, good or bad, or different, he repeatedly kept on saying “I love you” mentally, irrespective of whether he was aware of it or not. He soon started to see results.

The above method is to give you a simple start for your journey to the unknown. Initially, we would want to see results, but this should not be the aim.

Once confidence is gained one needs to delve deeper, and a moment comes when you get a slight touch of the Source. 

That is a blissful moment though it may last for a few seconds. The more we continue to practice, the more craving we develop. Life starts to give you meaning in the midst of all pains, hardships, despair, separations, and hatred.

Some practices could be a turning point towards a fulfilling, enthusiastic, and meaningful life

Choose words that do not sound to be demeaning others.
Control emotions to open the gateways of wisdom.
Seek the real purpose of being born into this world.
Try practicing to respond than to react.
Respect is the highest form of exhibiting love.
To respect is to enhance your dignity.
Expect yourself to be beautiful in thoughts, words, and deeds. Expecting the same from others is a fool’s desire. Only you can have control over your own mind, not on others.

Holy Mother Sarada Devi said: “I tell you one thing, if you want peace, do not find fault with others. Rather learn to see your own faults.”

Jesus’s Golden Rule: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

What is love for you? How do you interpret love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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