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How dirt given with love quenched Krishna’s thirst of the soul


“Love God with all your heart” and “all that clings to nothing is called the heart”

What is the image of ‘heart’ in the mind of human beings, and does it harmonize with that of the Infinite? The ‘heart’ which is generally known to most of all is merely the product of one’s selfish mind, or rather a view of one’s opinion.

Love among sentient beings is with attachment. There has to be a feeling to arise in the mind of sentient beings to love someone.  This love with attachment is the ego’s default way of loving.

But there is a greater love much beyond the realm of attachment and that is God’s love. It is not born out of feeling, it is The Way of the ‘Heart’.

We no more feel to be aware that the insatiable ego, fearing to lose that what we have, clings on to love. The primary want of the ego is to get love, validation, support, acceptance, and adulation in return.

The reality to which we have arrived today is a disastrous culmination of the so-called love that we have given birth to and nurtured in our ego-centric mind.  The ‘Heart’ has lost its Way.

The willingness to respond to the call of the indwelling force within us would help us drawing towards our self.  A feeling then would arise in the ‘heart’ to love all creation unconditionally. 

The newly born is a child-like heart. It is simple, it is easy – far from the false images of love. Once the seat of the ‘heart’ is restored, no external force can deprive you of peace, joy, and happiness in life.

There is a particular story of Lord Krishna that could help us to shift our perception of God’s true adoration of love from sentient beings’. The story is a perfect blend of unconditional love, deep fears of human,s and God’s seeking for true adoration.

It was at the time when Lord Krishna was flourishing in his life in Dwarka. The citizens in his kingdom were ready to do anything for their beloved king.

He had eight beautiful wives who loved him with all their heart and was surrounded by the wisest ministers who were also ready to take every trouble which might come his way and give up their lives for him.

However, one day Krishna complained of acute stomach ache.

The entire kingdom was feeling lost and everyone came forward to offer whatever they could to heal their great Lord. But the most knowledgeable and accomplished medics failed to understand the source of his illness and weren’t able to cure him. 

When nothing worked, Krishna decided to take things into his own hands. He then tells his wives that his soul was thirsty, and that could only be quenched if he gets the dust from the feet of the person who truly and unconditionally loved him!

He asked his wives whether they could give him their dust from their feet.

Upon hearing it, the queens were shocked and said, “How can we commit such a terrible sin? You are the Lord of all that be, and if we gave you the dust from our feet, we would surely go to hell.”

Krishna then asked Rukmani, one of his wives, to send an attendant to try and procure some dust from the feet of someone outside the palace, but all rejected. 

After facing numerous rejections from all who claim to love him unconditionally, the attendant finally went to Vrindavan, the land where the Lord spent his youth. 

Soon the attendant returned with a veil rubbed with dirt and placed it in the hands of Krishna. The pain disappeared.

He then asked the attendant, “who gave you this veil?” the attendant replied, “a young woman in Vrindavan, named Radha, upon learning that it was for the Lord came running up to me and gave me this veil.

Her companions cautioned her, “You fool Radha, you are committing the greatest sin. But she did not care. She said, “I don’t care about what happens to me but I cannot bear to see my beloved Krishna in pain.”  

Rukmani who felt jealous of Radha had once asked him why he kept remembering Radha so often. Krishna did not say anything at that time, he just smiled.

Now, he turns to Rukmani standing by his side and said, “Radha is not afraid of going to hell for me. She only thinks about me. So if Radha loves me so much, should I also not long for her?” This is what true love is about. It is unconditional.

The story above is a message to all. Is it not that time has come to restore our ‘heart’ to its original nature?

It is by cultivating the ‘heart’ that sentient beings can get enlightened and liberated from the pangs of suffering on this planet earth. Let us be more dutiful and less demanding.

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