South African President secretly hones trophy hunting business, shocking PETA uncover reveals

South African President secretly hones trophy hunting business, shocking PETA uncover reveals - We The World News
Image courtesy of PETA.Org

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK (South Africa) — Shocking undercover footage by animals rights organization People for Ethical Treatments for Animals (PETA) has revealed the top politician’s illicit business of trophy hunting.

The story was broken just 1-2 hours ago, at the time of writing this article, and has been already seen some 20,000 times and shared over 500 times on Facebook.

Trophy hunting, which is essentially killing for recreation is a massive industry that runs on the sadistic premise of deriving thrill and excitement from slaying unarmed and unaware animals on open ground.

A video-footage released by the animal’s rights agency shows a heartbreaking scene where a group of trophy hunters brings down a young and majestic African elephant, just outside Kruger National Park.

The South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa is quietly developing a thriving trophy hunting business on a hunting ground called Diepdrift, which he stocks with animals from his own breeding operation called Phala Phala, PETA reports.

Furthermore, President Ramaphosa also owns a 50% stake at Tsala Hunting Safaris — a natural reserve that claims to allow ‘ethical’ and ‘moral’ hunting.

PETA investigators spoke undercover with the President Ramaphosa’s managers for the Tsala Hunting Safaris, and they unknowingly revealed the president’s equal share of profits from the hunting trips.

A spokesperson from the Phala Phala breeding farm, from where the animals go into the trophy hunting Tsala Safari, says: The Phala Phala brand connects to the President. But no one connects us, Phala Phala, to Tsala.”

“We try to keep the president’s name actually out of the hunting thing because … of all the greenies …. So he wanna spare himself this, how can I say, bad publicity and all of that,’ the manager said, unbeknown, his information will be revealed to the world.

Turns out, no animal in the great African continent is too difficult to get a hunter’s bloody hands on. The President’s influence brings even the most exotic and protected species to the reach of hunters, and all that is needed are dollars.

The nightmare unfolds

Heartbreaking footage reveals the macabre trophy hunting scene recorded undercover by PETA investigators in South Africa, where an American hunts a curious young elephant.

People pay tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a live animal within the needful reach to kill it and take the hellish thrill.

One-shot and the majestic elephant falls on his knees. But the hunter keeps missing the sensitive target to kill the animal at once and keeps firing several times, unknown when the beast’s soul will leave the body, the PETA footage showed.

The American who was hunting the elephant reportedly paid $30,000 to kill the gentle beast.

At least four shots were fired within the pitch of the undercover footage, and at one time, the dying elephant releases a low rumble, certainly suffering beyond imagination.

It remains unknown when the animal died. The hunter reportedly paid another $20,000 to dismember the elephant into the pieces, get it packed and shipped to the United States, the horrifying report reveals.

This is not the first time instances of people enjoying thrill in sick ways have surfaced. One such incident had a female trophy hunter killing an exotic black giraffe, with whose fur she made cushion covers!

PETA foundation has filed for a request to investigate any applicable breach of hunting and animal slaughtering protocols of South Africa’s hunting permit, for the painful and slow death of the animal, as seen in the footage on Balule Nature Reserve.

Lawfully, the American hunter named Aaron Raby and officials accompanying him were hunting in the protected and conserved Kruger National Park in South Africa where hunting is disallowed.

Tsala Hunting ground

The Tsala hunting ground, now found to have connections with the South African President himself, hosts several hunting trips, making hundreds of thousands of dollars, annually.

Hunters pay to get exotic and magnificent breeds of animals like antelopes, baboons, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, and zebras to shoot them dead, for fun and thrill.

PETA says, hundreds of animals are also killed in the Phala Phala breeding center by the property managers and their flesh is sold as exotic bush meat.

Reports also suggest the same breeding center captive-breeds African lions for hunting. The organization also organizes leopard hunts in Mozambique and Namibia.

A disturbing footage shows a gang of hunters shooting a captive-bred lions, resting under the tree.

How can you help?

PETA is calling on United Parcel Service — the American multinational shipping giant — to stop accepting requst for shipping body parts of animals.

The mega parcel company has already banned shipping exotic animal body parts including shark fins, ivory and certain live animals.

You can also urge urge UPS to ban the shipping of hunting trophies here.

Watch the disturbing video below (viewers discretion is advised)

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