Fed up from Earth? Unwind with sound from Mars (use headphones)

Fed up from Earth? Unwind with sound from Mars (use headphones) - We The World Magazine

In the note of recent developments, it is only legit many will sigh looking at the chaos on earth. A whole pandemic is raging, some nuclear-powered nations engaging in fisticuffs, somewhere an earthquake wreaks havoc, while on the other end the climate change continues to threaten. And let us not bring up the daily chores of Earth.

While we eagerly wait for this time to flip and things become less nervous, here’s helping to unwind from this chaotic Earth with sound from Mars.

Not joking. Two years ago, NASA released the first-ever recorded sound of the Martian wind, and for the first time, people of earth were able to hear how it is.

NASA’s simulation of first humans colonizing Mars (Image in Public Domain via Commons) Fed up from Earth? Unwind with sound from Mars (use headphones)

NASA’s InSight Mars lander sent a low pitched rumble that was actually winding blowing on Mars. Scientists estimate northern wind in Mars blows at a speed of 15 miles per hour. The NASA lander traveled all the way from Earth to Mars and after seven months, covering 300 million miles it landed on the Martian soils.

According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the audio capture was unplanned. The original recording was a low pitched rumble, barely audible to humans. After scientists spiked two octaves the alien wind sounds like winds ricocheting from closely-packed barriers.

Hear the sound below or on Youtube:

The next human mission to Mars has been scheduled anytime between July 22 – Aug 11, 2020, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Under mission Mars 2020, NASA’s Perseverance Rover is getting ready to take off for the targeted landing on Jezero Crater, Mars.

(Cover image is NASA simulated look of first humans colonizing Mars via Commons)