This Seattle-based company- SIMPLE LIP BALM makes lip balms with only 5 Ingredients

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Seatle-based firm SIMPLE LIP BLAM makes, well, lip balms with only five ingredients, sans the use of any harmful chemicals found on other mainstream ones.

Founded by David Em, the entire range recreates some of nature’s most powerful moisturising ingredients like cocoa butter, avocado oil coconut oil among others to make them clean and pure.

The whole world is after clean products, especially when it comes to personal care ones like a lip balm.

The Good Face Project, for instance, predicted 2020 will see a shift in consumer demands towards clean beauty and trends will reflect non-toxic ingredients and transparent labels.

SIMPLE LIP BALM comes in only four, but sure-shot effective variants (Image courtesy of

Even the delicious scents used in the product are derived from the essence of the original source, like sweet orange peel oil for a fruity scent, vanilla fruit oil for the same scent.

The company’s straightforward and clear approach to the product stands on the idea that “all you want is a lip balm that works,” so that you need not worry about reapplying it frequently.

Founder, EM, has been an avid lip balm user since his childhood and would never find one product in the industry that would work the way he needed. Lip drying has been an issue for him, and then he figured out he needs to make his own.

“I began trying different formulas and seeing which ingredients worked the best,” David writes on the website.

“I envisioned a lip balm that would be hydrating, long-lasting, and with ingredients that I actually knew (and could count on one hand).”



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Well, folks with dry and chapped lips living in the US, Hawaii, Alaska and Purto Rico are up for a brilliant treatment for their lips with SIMPLE LIP BALM.

Choose from a delightful range of flavours like vanilla, peppermint, citrus and the original or the unscented one. A set of two of any one flavour starts at $8.95. And the blam squad with all the variety costs only $17.95, and you’re up for all the goodness (Free shipping for US orders over $25).

All their offering is free from harmful chemical like the pesky mineral oil, sulfates SLS, SLES, no animal testing, packaging can be recycled and fully MADE IN AMERICA.