Assault pizza? Shop owner slams pizza pie on armed robber’s face, fending him off

Assault pizza? Shop owner slams pizza pie on armed robber, fending him off - WeTheWorld Magazine

Food truly saved – a pizza shop owner proved the power of food (pizza) after he reportedly slammed a whole pizza pie on a robber who showed him a machete (a sharp assault-weapon) and demand money.


According to an official statement from The Delaware State Police, Stargate Pizza store owner in Sussex was met by a ‘subject’ while he was closing his store after the day’s business hours when a man allegedly threatened him with a shart knife and demanded money.

The store owner did advise the goons that he did not have money, and little did the robber know what was comming for him. Bam! The pizza shop owner slammed a pizza pie on the robber’s face, sending him off like a wet-cat.

Thankfully the store owner was not injured in the incident, and police are currently investigating the attempted robbery. The news quickly went viral, and people cant but ask

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