Hundreds of sheep invade town in Turkey, while people see them from indoors

Hundreds Of Sheep Invade Town In Turkey While People See Them From Indoors - We The World Magazine

Hundreds of sheep flocked the empty streets of the Turkish town of Samsun, footage captured by a local reported show the amazing display. 

Not everyday city-dwellers get to see a whole fleet of the fluffy animals parading the empty streets. Whereas how the animals came remains unclear, the sight was certainly worth watching.

Army of sheep invade town in Turkish city
Sheep invade town in Turkish City (Photo by Sam Carter on Unsplash)

Ragip Soylu shared the fluffy footage of the wooly animals flooding a street in numbers, some loitering here and there, while some taking the liberty to graze on the city’s adjacent greens. 

And apparently the inhabitants got some natural entertainment amid the boredom of lockdown.

Army of Sheep invade Turkish city

Flock of sheep invades Turkey’s city of Samsun last night during the coronavirus lockdown,” Soylu wrote on his post Tweeted Sunday. 

The tweet since then garnered 2.7 million views, 6.1k retweets, and 18.4k likes. Sometimes of all the news, these stories can help lift our spirits.  

According to data, Turkey has documented more than 138k positive cases of the novel coronavirus. More than 63k has recovered so far with nearly 3k deaths. 

According to media reports, Turkey’s handling of coronavirus has not been the strongest. The nation imposed the lockdown on a weekly curfew basis across 32 provinces. In the week ending May 10, Turkey announced a ‘normalization’ measure to further loosen restrictions, like opening shopping centers, hairdressers, and so on, under social distancing laws.