Seoul says North Korea killed and burned its official

Seoul says North Korea killed and burned its official - We The World
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A South Korean official who went missing since the last few days was shot dead by North Korean military and doused before discharging the body in water, South Korea said on Thursday, condemning the act as atrocious.

The South Korean fisheries official was reportedly questioned by the North Korean military while he was trying to defect to the North, who was then shot dead and doused the body with oil and set fire.

As per the report, the South Korean official was nearing the Northern Limit Line (NLL), or a disputed and heavily armed demarcation of military control which is a de facto maritime border between the two Koreas.

Seoul is alleging North Korea carried its shoot at sight order for coronavirus restrictions, and said citing intelligence sources after the man was questioned men in gas masks carried the execution, Reuters reported.

The intelligence source also claimed the execution of the 47-years-old, father of two, was carried after an order from the “superior authority.”

Seoul said the military has asked for an explanation from the North over the killing, with no response as of now from Pyongyang.

Our military strongly condemns such an atrocity, and strongly demands North Korea provide explanations and punish those who are responsible,” General Ahn Young-ho told in a news briefing. He is in charge of operations at the Joint Chiefs of Staf.

The BBC noted it remains unclear how Seoul gathered the information given the fact military hotlines between the armies of the two Koreas was cut and the Inter-Korean liaison office was also destroyed by North Korea.

Earlier this month, an insider report claimed North Korea has enacted shoot at sight orders for any trespassers who try to break in the impoverished nation, a measure Pyongyang said was to restrict the spread of COVID-19.

North Korea, ruled by one of the worst dictators of the modern times time and again claimed it has no COVID-19 cases.

In July, however, fears of the pandemic gripped the nation after a man crossed the heavily guarded border and a state of emergency was enacted by Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un.

Immediately, the thousands of vulnerable people were quarantined over fears the man could have spread the disease, which WHO later declared was not the case.

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