Second death from Bubonic plague in China prompts authorities to raise level 3 alarm

Second death from Bubonic plague in China prompts authorities to raise level 3 alarm - We The World Magazine

A second person has died from the deadly bubonic plague in north China’s inner Mongolia autonomous region, prompting healthcare authorities to raise a level-three alarm in the region.

The death is second in a row in one week, China’s state-owned media Global Times reports. The Mongolian government reportedly ruled out any chances of a major outbreak, given ‘the region’s mature and well-experienced prevention system,’ however, public vigilance has been demanded.

Back on July 6, the same region raised alarm on hunting risky animals like marmots that are known carriers of the highly infectious and potentially fatal bacteria-borne disease, known to have killed thousands in the ‘Black death’ epidemic in the Middle Ages.

Bubonic Plague, is a zoonotic disease like the novel coronavirus and is also known as The Black Death of the Middle Ages. It killed somewhere between 75-200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa, making it the most fatal pandemic in the history of humankind.

The first cases were detected in early July in Mongolia, North China after two men were admitted to hospital with symptoms of the disease. The men consumed meat of marmots, a rodent that can carry bubonic plague bacteria.

The recent person who died from the virus died from multiple organ failure on Friday. Authorities quickly traced seven contacts but fortunately all tested negative.

Urad Front Banner or the region of the latest case has initiated a Level III alarm of prevention, which will persist till the end of the year.

The city administration has reportedly set up a Level III disease prevention involving disease control system in the region to set up a facility to treat and isolate reported cases.

Global Times report says the two plague, one glandular and the other intestinal, in the recent fatalities, are not as deadly as the pneumonic plague that can transmit from human to human by air.