Rare threat of twin hurricanes prompt evacuation of thousands in Southern US

Rare threat of twin hurricanes prompts evacuation of thousands in Southern US - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of @NHC_Atlantic via Twitter

A twin-threat from the history-making formation of two hurricanes in the US Gulf coast has prompted thousands to evacuate from parts of the Caribbean and the southern US as the potentially fatal winds rage toward shores on Sunday followed by Monday.

Two tropical storms are reportedly headed toward the same region on the US gulf coast posing a historic threat to life and property in the region.

As per the National Hurrican Center warning, Hurricane Marco will bring “strong winds, life-threatening storm surge, heavy rainfall, and a tornado threat along portions of the Gulf Coast beginning on Monday.”

A storm called Laura, which the potential to become hurricane far more powerful as it proceeds, has already lashed areas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, killing at least three and disrupting electricity supply to millions.

Deaths have also been reported in Haiti and Puerto Rico has been battered with heavy flooding.

Another storm called Marco, which became a hurricane for a stint, washed the Gulf of Mexico and Louisana on Sunday. Benjamin Schott, meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service’s Slidell, Louisiana, officials said they have never seen anything like this before in their term at the office.

The combined threat of Laura and Marco is being dubbed as a historic natural phenomenon where both the hurricanes can possibly hit ‘within miles of each over a 48-hour period,’ Schott told Associated Press.

If the expert and computer simulations prove to be true, Louisana would become the first state in recent history to be hit by two hurricanes back to back within 48-hours.

Computer simulations predicted Laura could churn up winds as high as 110 mph (177 kph), and the combined showers from both storms could touch a total of 2-feet (0.6 meters) rain to parts of Louisiana and several feet of potentially deadly storm surge.

Both Lousiana and Purto Rice, which falls in the trajectory of the whirlwinds have been declared to be in a state of disaster by President Trump and federal aid has been deployed in the region.

“We have everybody stationed and ready to go in Puerto Rico and the Gulf Coast, and we have tremendous — tremendous people,” Trump said in a Sunday White House briefing.