A very rare metallic meteorite-like object falls from the sky in Rajasthan

A very rare metallic meteorite-like object falls in Rajasthan
A very rare metallic meteorite-like object falls in Rajasthan

A metallic meteorite-like object fell on Sanchore area of Rajasthan Jalore district on Friday morning at 7 AM.

According to the tweet of a Rajasthan-based journalist who shared the image of an amazing object, it weights around three kilograms and geologists suggest the cosmic specimen is ‘very rare and most valuable.’

By the looks of the cosmic specimen, it seems like a high-density glob of metal. According to reports, the metallic piece from space fell on earth with a loud thud on Friday morning. When local police authorities found the object it had sunken in the ground and was hot. Scientists from Jodhpur university will arrive to check the specimen.

Every year thousands of meteorites enter the earth’s atmosphere. Last year, a very heavy meteorite fell in Rajasthan casting a 20-feet deep hole.

Locals who first reported the incident to the administration told they heard a loud sound like an explosive after a thing fell from the sky.

“I was standing on the balcony of my house when I saw something falling from the sky. The first thought that came to my mind was it being a bomb. Within no time, as it fell on the ground, an explosion-like sound was occurred. The fall resulted in panic in the area. Most of the people in my colony woke up to this sound and children were scared,” a resident Suresh Desai told Outlook Magazine.

Netizens were very excited to know what the stuff is and many asked the journalist to reveal more about the item. Twitter was quick to react as well. See some of them here:

What is a Meteorite?

A meteorite is essentially a solid mass of solid debris that originates somewhere in space and reaches the earth’s surface after surviving the atmospheric barrier.

Thousands of meteors enter the earth every year, but not all touch the ground. Most of them vanish in the atmospheric layers from the extreme heat generated by friction and other factors. Only a few, extra resilient ones are able to touch the ground. Much like this one.

A local jeweler who examined the cosmic product in the presence of police claimed the particular specimen has metallic properties of Germanium, Platinium, Nickel. Iron has a major share.

This is a breaking story and it has been update with more information.

(cover image courtesy of @TabeenahAnjum via Instagram)